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Doing Your Makeup Like Jwoww



Doing Your Makeup like Jwoww

Many Americans just like yourself have watched Jersey Shore on MTV from the first season to the very sad last. During this time, you probably decided you liked one member of the cast better than all of the rest and if you liked Jwoww the best, it was probably for good reason. Jwoww is gorgeous and really knows how to have all eyes on herself.

She does her makeup so perfectly and always looks fashionable. If you want to do your makeup just like Jwoww, it is easy to do.

Getting the Products You Need

If you are wanting to do your makeup as JWOWW does hers on Jersey Shore, clearly you are going to be going for a very dramatic look. The one thing that you will need to do is to be sure you have the right products on hand. You will want to have some awesome foundation.

Revlon PhotoReady is a great product to use and provides great and even coverage. You will need to have some smoky, black eye shadow as well as some black eyeliner. Gel eyeliner will be the best bet for this look. Additionally, you will want some cream blush, bronzer, and fake eyelashes to complete the look. When you have all of these things on hand, you will be ready to rock the night.

Getting Started

Now it is time for you to get started with doing your makeup. The first thing you will want to do is to apply the Revlon PhotoReady foundation to a nice, clean face. This is best done with a foundation brush for the best and most even coverage, but if you do not find that you have a brush handy, you can always use a sponge applicator.

Next, take some of the cream blush on your fingers and blend it into the apples of your cheeks. You will then want to apply the bronzing powder to your entire face for a nice, healthy glow. When you have these steps done, you can then move on to working on the eyes. Apply the black eye shadow to your entire eyelid. Take your gel eyeliner and wing it out so it gives you a dramatic cat-eye effect. Finally, take your fake eyelashes and glue them onto your top eyelid near the lash line and you are all ready to wow everyone in Karma.

When you do your makeup like Jwoww on Jersey Shore, you will be looking glamorous and turning heads all night long. This look is easy for you to replicate and won’t require much time or many products. Give this look a try the next time you plan a night out and see how awesome you will look!