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Why Men Should Always Invest In Cufflinks With Their Suits – From A Woman’s Perspective



Many men think that all you have to do is put on a suit, a tie in order to walk out of the door. I almost forgot the shoes, but if you want to really look put together and unforgettable there is one piece of the puzzle that many people seem to forget about. They are small, linger on your wrists, and when you shake a hand many sometimes glance to see what’s there.

There is nothing like an expensive suit, but for many who cannot afford the top designers and others who want to upgrade their clothing to an unforgettable level then one way to do this is with cufflinks.

Cufflinks are the type of jewelry that every man has in their drawer. This is a symbol that helps put your entire image together and can be that small thing that a client remembers after a long time of meetings and deciding who to choose above any other.

Many don’t know that there are a few types of cufflinks to consider when going shopping. Every man should at least have four different types, which are:

Shackle– perfect for an executive meeting or special anniversary

T-shape– this is simple and perfect for holidays and dress up events with the family (also have some that are very dressy and great for fancy black-tie events as well)

One-piece– if you are on a first date but want something simple to go with a casual but sophisticated outfit this is a perfect match.

Knots– An uncommon style that is good for days where you need to dress up a casual outfit or if you are going to a sporting event with hopeful new clients.

Know that they should match the shirt (or the tie as well as the suit whether it’s a Haspel or a Ralph Lauren suit)

That the metal of the cufflinks match with the other metals if wearing a silver watch then do not go for the gold cufflinks

Don’t be scared of ones with colors (they add personality)

Get a good polish to keep them in pristine condition

Pay attention to the buckle on your shoes and belt, if both have a straight edge and no curve try to go with a square/ rectangular shape cufflink

Now you want to know where to get these great cufflinks:

  • Anson
  • Apex
  • Asprey
  • Baer & Wilde
  • Bassett Jewelry Company
  • Brooks Brothers
  • Carrington & Company
  • Dante
  • Destino
  • Elie Bleu
  • Fenwick and Sailors
  • Foster & Bailey
  • Hickok
  • Krementz
  • Lambourne’s
  • Ostby & Barton
  • Pickett
  • Pitman & Keebler
  • Renoir/ Matisse
  • Stratton
  • Swank
  • Unger Brothers
  • Victoria Flemming
  • Wedgwood

I know some of the men are also wondering where to get the tops/ suits that go with the cufflinks that they are shopping for. Well it depends on your budget and also this means that you may need to look out for sales and opportunities where you can spread your money out. Here are some brands you can start looking for:

  • Anto
  • Canali
  • Thomas Pink
  • Tom Ford
  • Dege & Skinner
  • Chavart
  • Turnbull
  • Kiton
  • Ralph Lauren and these are only a start (but will get you in the right direction)

These are all very good places to start when looking for what to wear to look your best.

Most men still think they would be done after all of this but don’t forget to go and get it tailored because that can make a less expensive suit move up a few pegs on anyone’s scale and it helps with your confidence because it helps compliment your frame.