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Don’t Ignore These 6 Symptoms That Might Mean You Need Neurosurgery



Are you putting off visiting your doctor about minor symptoms like headaches or back pain?  It’s common for people to ignore seemingly minor symptoms, but it’s important to seek medical advice as soon as possible when you are having problems that could potentially be related to your nervous system.  This includes your brain, spinal cord, spine, and peripheral nerves.  There are many highly respected hospitals in the nation that can provide top care, but – for the best care – you may need to fly out to California, New York, or Oklahoma for neurosurgery. These locations will help you figure out the necessary steps to take to resolve your issues.

Symptoms of Brain Tumors

You might have a brain tumor lurking beneath your skull.  One way to catch any problems is to consult your doctor about any of these symptoms that might indicate a brain tumor:

1. Abnormal headaches

2. Memory and concentration problems

3. Changes in mood

4. Problems with vision

5. Issues with speech

6. Changes in hearing

Back Pain Could Be Something Serious

Many people struggle with some sort of back pain at some point in their lives.  This is normal and may be the result of a bad mattress, physical strain, or everyday wear and tear on the body.  But sometimes it’s more than that.

Your spine has to withstand a lot of impact and pressure from all your running, jumping, lifting, bending, and going through the daily motions.  Luckily there are shock absorbers separating each vertebra to cushion your spine.  These shock-absorbing discs have a tough outer layer and a gel-like inner material.

Sometimes the outer layer can rupture from too much pressure, and the inner material leaks out.  This material can push on spinal nerves causing severe damage; this is what happens in a herniated disc.

To determine if your back pain is really from a herniated disc, doctors will use X-rays, CT scans, or an MRI to look for physical evidence.  You might want to find a state of the art hospital with the best of this equipment.  Researching facilities in California, New York, or Oklahoma for neurosurgery is highly recommended.  They can perform the necessary procedures to get you back in shape.

If doctors can’t find an apparent anatomic cause for your back pain, surgery can’t help.  You may need to visit a chiropractor, do some physical therapy, or simply enroll in a yoga class to alleviate the pain.