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A Guide To Having A More Hygienic Home



Cleaning is not exactly top of everyone’s list of fun things to fill their weekend with but it is something that quite frankly has to be done if you want to keep your home looking good. And perhaps people would be more inclined to keep their homes more hygienic if they knew how many germs and bacteria could be living in different areas around the house.

Keeping your home hygienic is a must, especially if you have children or people who suffer from allergies living in your home, but there are ways to do this that don’t always involve getting the marigolds on and scrubbing every surface in sight. Here are a few great ways that you can improve the state of your home and make it more hygienic for everyone.

The Bathroom

It will come as no surprise that the bathroom is home to many bacteria and germs, but some people think that just giving it a once over with a cloth and bleach every now and again is enough. However, there are certain areas in your bathroom that are perfect places for bacteria to call home and so you might need to pay more attention to detail. Make sure you regularly wash your shower curtain as this is often forgotten about and can get pretty grubby. Also, find a place to keep your towels so they don’t stay wet for long. The warmth and dampness of your used towel will be a breeding ground for bacteria; literally.

Wooden Floors

A great way to make your home more hygienic is to install wooden floors in areas like the living room or kitchen. Wooden floors from top brands such as Kahrs and Boen will be a lot easier to keep clean as they don’t harbor large amounts of dust or pet hair or cling onto smells as a carpet would. Just be sure that you vacuum them regularly and don’t let them get too scratched or they can begin to look tired. Not only will Kahrs wooden flooring help your home be more hygienic but they will last much longer than another flooring due to the increased durability of a wooden floor.

Kitchen Hygiene

Hygiene is very important in the kitchen because this is where we eat and keep our food. Therefore you need to make sure that any surfaces that are involved in food preparation are cleaned appropriately afterward; especially when using chicken.

A top tip is to put dirty sponges in the microwave for 3 minutes to reduce the number of bacteria they are harboring. You should also ensure that your fridge is not overfull so that the air can circulate and that it is set at a temperature no higher than 5 degrees. Wooden floors are also a great addition to your kitchen as it makes clearing away rogue food waste a lot easier.

Living With Allergies

Allergies can be really frustrating to live with because sometimes there’s just no telling what’s going to set them off. Whether you have asthma, hay fever, or any other allergy it is important to keep your home as dust-free as possible at all times. This means vacuuming regularly; especially in those hard to reach places, such as under the bed, where dust mites will love to breed.

If someone in your home suffers from hay fever then be sure to change your clothes after being outside in the summer so as to not spread the pollen around your home. Another top tip is to always make sure you wash bedding at 55 degrees or higher, or instead, you can put your sheets in the freezer for twenty-four hours to kill off all the bacteria.