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How to Trim The Last Stubborn Pounds



How to trim the last stubborn pounds

Exercise is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Day after day, aspiring athletes visit the gym, put in time and train hard, avoid eating useless food and yearn for hard, fit bodies and long healthy life. Are you watching what you eat, making smart choices, working out, and still not getting the results you want? Instead of throwing in the towel, it’s time to change it up and go back to the basics.

When someone first begins working out, the initial results are inspiring. Those first few pounds come off so quickly! Energy spikes and visible results can motivate healthy, life-changing habits. After a while, though, the gains from exercise and diet aren’t as dramatic. Everyone has reached that stage where all that gym time doesn’t seem to pay off, the results of all the effort are seemingly minimal, and the metabolism has plateaued. This is natural and means that your metabolism has stagnated. The lull can be demoralizing and frustrating. Instead of giving up, falling off the wagon, and losing hope of reaching peak physical condition (or looking stunning in a two-piece), shake it up! Change up your routine and try something new.

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Some of the best exercises is a simple, often ignored routine that doesn’t even require fancy gym equipment or complicated cardio machines. All you need is a stopwatch. To efficiently drop those last stubborn pounds and acquire the cut muscle that everyone craves, don’t ignore this simple, amazingly effective miracle exercise:


Sounds too easy, right?

Evolving exercise sciences and nutritional development have revealed that shorter, aggressive bursts of physical exercise can be more beneficial than long, steady bouts of a neutral routine. A stagnant heart-rate will result in a dormant metabolism. For dramatic results, think past the slow burn of long, time-consuming cardio workouts and go for the flash bomb of a sprint routine.

Think about aggressive interval training. Warm-up with a stretch to make sure all your muscles are prepared and limber. Begin with short measured sprints ranging from the forty-yard dash or a fifty-meter distance. Line up at one end and sprint head-on, full speed ahead, don’t try to reserve energy, and pace yourself the same way that’s required for marathon runs. This is a planned burst of speed that involves determination and commitment. Charge! When you reach the finish line, if you aren’t panting, your legs burning, and your heart pumping, you did it wrong. Try again, faster this time. To start, make five sprints with a three-minute rest in between each.

The rest allows your muscles to recuperate enough to put another reasonable effort into the next sprint. Taking your body to the point of fatigue and allowing it to recover enough to push the limits again will burn amazing calories. After one workout, you’re guaranteed to feel the difference between sprinting and your regular cardio routine. Don’t forget to cool down with a leisurely stretch and treat your body to a protein-rich after workout meal.

As your endurance progresses, add some sprints to the set and reduce rest time. Sprinting this way helps build muscle that other cardio routines might neglect.

In twenty minutes or so, you could have an amazing, exhausting workout that produces more results than slow spinning or jogging. Sprinting short distances is also a more applicable real-life exercise. Aggressive conditioning works to build strength and endurance for any athlete in any sport. Your metabolism will be marching double-time to cut down your body fat percentage and leave lean, ripped muscle behind.

Spending 40 minutes on a treadmill may help with overall endurance, but it won’t achieve the dramatic physical results that fine-tune an Adonis-physique everyone craves. Explosive exercise with short rest periods can be the answer to eradicating the last stubborn problem pounds on your body.