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The Best Countries For Bicycle Vacations



Bicycling vacations are becoming extremely popular for travelers who desire to visit remarkable world destinations while staying active and exercising at the same time. Several tour companies now offer packages that include travel, lodging, meals, and bicycles. Extension packages can often be added before or after the cycling portion to allow people to visit locations that are not suited for bicycle touring.

How Difficult are Bicycle Tours?

Most tours are designed to travel relatively level routes and are listed as easy to moderate. The distance rode per day generally ranges from 15-35 miles. For those who prefer more of a challenge, sport cycling tours include hilly terrain and distances of 60-100 miles per day or more. Anyone should be able to find a cycling tour package that matches their desired activity level.

How to Prepare for a Cycling Tour

You need to be fit enough to ride the number of miles which the tour presents. Be sure to include cycling in your preparation, and try to ride terrain which is slightly more difficult than you will see on the tour. General fitness is also important. If you will be using provided bicycles, find out if panniers are provided to carry gear, or if you can bring your own. A support vehicle will carry luggage, but you will want to keep a jacket, water, snacks, and your wallet with you. Riding with a backpack is hot. If you are using your own bicycle, make sure it is in excellent condition.

Cycling Tours in the Western United States

The United States offers a vast variety of scenery types and terrain. Many popular tours are in West Coast states such as California and Oregon, and include ocean views, wine tasting, and may even include kayaking and hiking options. The deserts and canyons of the American Southwest also attract cycling tour planners. For more challenging terrain, there are multiple routes and destinations in the Rocky Mountains. Companies with good reputations include Trek Travel and Bicycle Adventures.

Cycling Tours in the Eastern United States

New England with autumn colors is spectacular, and for easier riding, New Jersey is another popular destination.

Cycling Tours in Europe

Italy, France, the Czech Republic, Croatia, and the United Kingdom are popular destinations for travelers of all types, and one can find bicycling vacations in all those countries. You can ride the undiscovered coast of Italy near Puglia in the heel of Italy’s boot or explore Tuscany.

Ride through centuries-old villages, sample authentic regional foods, and enjoy the white sand beaches. France is home to the wine country and the Tour De France. Whether you prefer casual or strenuous cycling, the French countryside has something for you. In the Czech Republic riding through the Wachau Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site is sure to please. The Dalmatian Islands of Croatia are considered some of the most beautiful in the world, and a cycling tour brings you in close contact with the Adriatic Coast. England, Ireland, and Scotland’s bylanes and green hills are filled with a heritage that comes alive from a bicycle. These tours are all travelers’ favorites from VBT Tours. Also, consider the Czech Bike Tours.

The Pacific

Perhaps you’d prefer the other side of the globe. Bicycle Adventures offers cycling routes in Hawaii and New Zealand where you can take in the beauty of the islands and breathtaking scenery.

Choose a company with a good reputation and you will have the assurance of a good experience cycling any country in their repertoire.