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4 Top Tips For Using Pepper Spray Safely



One of the downsides to modern living is the increased crime rate. We have all had our grandparents regale us with tales about how no one used to lock their doors when they were growing up as kids. Sadly, we cannot profess to enjoy the same kind of carefree environment and casual attitude towards crime.

As a result, there are a number of personal safety items available in the market; these products are designed with self-defense in mind. Pepper spray is perhaps the most popular choice when it comes to personal protection. However, using pepper spray incorrectly can have quite the opposite effect. Here are 4 top safety tips for using pepper spray safely and effectively.

Make it easily accessible

Always make sure the pepper spray is kept in a place where it can be accessed quickly and easily. If you have to walk down an alleyway, have the pepper spray out of your purse and ready in your hand. An attack will not give you the privilege of time as you rustle through your purse to find the little canister. It is always advisable to have the pepper spray canister attached to your key chain. Those ways, you will always know where it is and will prevent a situation where you could accidentally end up spraying yourself when searching for the pepper spray.

Familiarize yourself with the pepper spray dispenser

All pepper spray canisters usually have a little arrow to indicate which direction it will spray in. However, in an emergency, you really don’t have the time to find out which direction the little arrow is pointing in, especially if it’s dark. Familiarize yourself with the canister as soon as you buy it so that you do not waste precious time trying to figure things out while under attack. By simply wrapping your fingers around the canister, you should be able to tell which direction it is going to spray at.

Spray in short bursts

Pepper spray manufacturers often recommend spraying in short bursts. This helps conserve the amount of pepper spray and lets you use it multiple times, on multiple attackers, if necessary. However, there is also a safety aspect to it. Spraying with longer bursts may cause a trail of pepper spray, which may accidentally be blown into your eyes and nose. Spraying in short bursts helps prevent the formation of a small cloud of pepper spray.

Sometimes a warning is enough

The safest way to use pepper spray is not to use it at all. Just the mention of pepper spray cats as a very strong deterrent. Warning an attacker about the fact that you have pepper spray and are not afraid to use it may be enough to make the attacker turn his heels and run away.

Always remember these 4 top safety tips regarding pepper sprays and you should be able to use it effectively, without compromising your own safety. Also, never forget to check local pepper spray laws and regulations before purchasing a canister.