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4 Reasons Why Skincare Without Parabens is the Sensible Option



The skincare industry has become a really big business as more and more men and women purchase products that will take care of the health of their skin and stop them from aging as quickly. Many skin care products contain chemicals known as parabens that are used to preserve them and stop the growth of bacteria.

The problem is that the safety of parabens has been the subject of some rather fierce debates in recent times. Some scientists believe that coming into contact with the small number of parabens contained in skincare products is perfectly safe. But there are also a number of scientists that believe that parabens are harmful in any amounts and that we should avoid them.

Enlightened consumers have started to take notice and rather than run the risk they are now purchasing skincare without parabens (parabenefri hudpleje is the Danish term). If you are still one of those who are undecided then read on for 4 reasons why choosing products without parabens will definitely be the sensible option.

1. Parabens are actually found in nature and these are safe, but it costs a lot of money to get enough of them for the number of skincare products produced every year. Instead, they produce chemical parabens in a lab and many of these have been found to mimic estrogen, which actually causes the levels of this hormone to increase in our bodies. The problem is that high estrogen levels are thought to be connected to breast cancer and they can also have a really bad effect on a woman’s reproductive organs.

And if this isn’t enough to make you choose skincare without parabens from now on then you should know that tumors removed from women with breast cancer have shown small amounts of parabens. Now nothing has been totally proven, but the fact that these chemicals are there should at least have many of you having second thoughts about those skincare products without paraben that you have so far resisted.

2. Now, the above related to women, but men are also at risk. Studies carried out in men who use skincare that includes parabens showed that they often have much lower sperm counts and lower levels of testosterone as compared to men using skin products without parabens. Men reading this will instantly think about how it could affect their ability to have children. But studies have shown that low testosterone levels also contribute to health problems as men get older.

3. When you apply something to your skin your body absorbs it around 10 times faster than if they were injected into a vein. Now when you consider that parabens have been shown to stay in the body for a lot longer than first thought and the fact that they have been found in tumors and other things, this actually becomes quite scary. So much so that at this point nearly everyone reading this should be getting ready to purchase skincare without parabens.

4. As already briefly mentioned, skincare that claims to slow the process of aging is incredibly popular. However, if you purchase a skincare product that contains the paraben called Methylparaben then you may actually be speeding up the aging process. Basically, this is an ingredient in many skin care products that are applied to the face. But if you then go and expose your face to UV light then your skin will actually age much faster. It is important that we take care of our skin so that we stay looking great for a longer period, so make sure that you choose skincare without parabens every time and keep things natural.