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5 Ridiculous Weight Loss Fads to Avoid



5 ridiculous weight loss fads to avoid

Weight loss motivation varies; it seems everyone claims a different reason for wanting to shed pounds.  Becoming more physically fit is the inspiration for some people.  Others are obese and concerned about the state of their health. Personal reasons, like improving self-image or boosting self-confidence, drive some.

No matter what the reason, there’s no denying the fact that a myriad of strange weight-loss fads has emerged.  While some are just silly, others are downright dangerous.  Whether they are valid or not, these weight loss fads should be avoided.  Any temporary weight loss achieved will have adverse effects in the long run.  Additionally, you will only see a decline in the amount of money in your wallet, not the amount of fat on your body.

1. The Feeding Tube Diet

As the name implies, this weight loss fad involves using a feeding tube to meet one’s dietary requirements. Feeding tubes are used for feeding people who are ill or incapable of consuming solid food.  Alarmingly, this weight loss technique is currently all the rage among brides-to-be. Wanting to look slim on their wedding day, these women sacrifice their overall health. Weight-loss hopefuls who employ the feeding tube diet are putting themselves in grave danger because they don’t consume any solid foods.  Additionally, these women are only receiving 800 calories per day. A healthy caloric amount for women should be at least 1500 to 2000 calories per day.

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2. Ear Stapling

Not only is this weight loss fad strange, but it is also downright painful. Surgical staples are positioned in the inner cartilage of the ear for a couple of weeks. The weight loss concept is based on acupuncture; the effects are said to suppress a person’s appetite.

3. Weight Loss Soap

Using seaweed as one of its main ingredients, the goal of weight loss soap is to penetrate beneath the skin and melt away fat.  The jury is still out on whether this method has any positive effect on weight loss. However, it is good for the skin!

4. Diet Sunglasses

Makers of diet sunglasses claim their revolutionary weight loss product makes food appear less appealing.  The tinted lenses give the food a bluish quality, associating it with rottenness or lack of freshness.  Therefore, dieters won’t want to consume the unappetizing food, saving them from unwanted calories.

5. Tapeworm Diet

This is probably the strangest and most disturbing weight loss fad.  Even more alarming is the fact that it has been around for almost a hundred years. Typically, tapeworms are ingested when a person eats raw meat.  However, people voluntarily swallow tapeworm tablets to aid with weight loss.  The theory is that the tapeworm will eat as much as it pleases while residing in the digestive system.  Eventually, it will exit the body through excretion.  This is both a dangerous and disgusting idea!