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Choosing The Perfect Jewellery For Your Wedding Day



Jewelry may not seem the most important thing to think about on your wedding day, but it will make a fairly big difference so it is worth thinking about! You will have several decisions to make up to the running of your wedding day, and this will include if you are going to wear any jewelry, and if so what jewelry are you going to choose to wear.

The most important piece of jewelry which you are going to be wearing on your wedding day is obviously your wedding ring; this is the symbol of the whole day and the rest of your life to come. The jewelry which you choose to wear along with your wedding ring will have to go perfectly.

Old or New?

You will have to make a decision whether you are going to buy a new piece of jewelry for your wedding day, or if you are going to choose a more sentimental piece that has been in your family for years.  Choosing to wear sentimental pieces of jewelry can mean a lot to yourself and to your family around you. However, you shouldn’t just choose to wear it as it means a lot to your family; it should go nicely with your dress. The last thing you want is your jewelry clashing with your dress.

Dress Style & Jewellery

You need to choose your jewelry wisely to go with the style of the dress. If you have chosen quite a sleek dress then it is likely that most pieces of jewelry will go nicely with your dress. The sleeker the dress the more jewelry you will be able to wear, however, this does depend on the actual style of the dress. If your dress is already quite busy with lace and diamantes then you should probably choose some low key jewelry as you do not want to overdo it.

Jewelry to Compliment Your Dress

The big question is now, diamonds or pearls? Both of these pieces of jewelry will look amazing on your wedding day. Pearls are the more traditional choice of jewelry to wear on your wedding day as they symbolize purity, you could choose a beautiful cultured Akoya white necklace to with your stunning dress.

If you are more of a diamond type of girl then you could pick a sparkly diamond necklace with diamond studs to go, this will make you light up the entire room!

If you really want to make a statement then you could even get a diamond or pearl hairpiece for your fabulous day.