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Factors You Need to Consider When Choosing Right Sunglasses



Sunglasses are one of the most important accessories you can wear. That’s because the right pair makes a confident statement about you. Unlike accessories like shoes, bags, or jewelry, they’re worn over the eyes, which is the first place a person looks when looking at you. Plus, while a great pair looks attractive on your face, it also protects your eyes from harmful UV rays, and even allows you to see clearer. You can have both fashion and function if you choose the right pair.

First, function — You want to make sure your chosen sunglasses protect your eyes against harmful UV rays, don’t have a glare, and allow for the clearest vision. While important for anyone, the function of sunglasses can’t be more imperative to pilots and drivers. Many of these professionals choose Serengeti Sunglasses because they perfectly unite fashion with a purpose. Serengeti frames come in an array of designs from casual and contemporary, to retro and classic. With Photochromic lenses, Serengeti Sunglasses aid in contrast and definition, allowing you to see clearer.

Now, to the fun part – Fashion! To choose the right frames, you need to figure out the shape of your face. Grab a mirror and read on.

Oval – An oval face is well-proportioned and symmetrical, with a tapering jawline. This shape looks great in pretty much any frame. Try an angular pair or some modern aviator lenses.

Diamond – A diamond face is shaped just like it sounds, widest at the cheek and narrower at the forehead and chin. This shape goes well with round or square frames with low sides.

Round – A round face has no angles. It’s equally wide from forehead to chin and cheekbone to cheekbone. Elongate and slim the face wearing frames with high-set sides, or styles with details at the temples.

Triangle –A triangular face is narrowest at the forehead, widens a bit at the cheekbones, and is widest at the chin. Larger shapes and bold designs balance the slimmer top-half of the face.

Square – A square face doesn’t have angular lines, but is equally wide across the forehead and across the chin. Soften the jawline with round or oval frames.

Once you figure out the shape of your face, have fun with browsing through styles, colors, and designs. While there are definite frame shapes that compliment certain face shapes, your glasses should still be uniquely you. If you have an oval face but are happier with a pair of frames suggested for a triangle face, go for it.

Your frames can’t exude confidence if you’re not confident that you look great in them. One thing you should be a stickler about though when choosing sunglasses, is the functionality and performance of the lenses. Even if you find a pair of frames you’re pleased with aesthetically, if the lenses are of poor quality, they’re not the right sunglasses for you.