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How To Choose Which Contact Lenses To Wear



Did you know that many high street Opticians rebrand other manufacturers’ lenses into their own packaging?  The main reason for this is so you’ll return to them because you recognize their brand and its packaging. Don’t be fooled by this – most contact lenses are sourced from the same few manufacturers and are available to purchase online, often at cheaper than on the high street.

Some practices can be very unwilling to confirm which brand of lenses you are actually wearing, which can make it tricky to buy your lenses elsewhere.  Remember that you should never buy a brand of lenses that you haven’t been prescribed by your Optician.  Fortunately, there are some online retailers, such as SameDayLenses, that have a high street brand conversion table so you can find out who manufactures your lenses.

Types of Lenses

There are many brands, materials, and types of contact lenses. Hard lenses are generally suitable for longer than one month, however are rarely prescribed unless somebody requires a very unusual or strong prescription. Soft lenses are more popular as they are generally more comfortable to wear.  If you are unhappy with the type of lens which you have been prescribed for any reason, your Optician has access to trial lenses from all of the UK’s major manufacturers and will almost always be able to find one that’s comfortable for you.

Length of Wear

You may also consider other factors in deciding if your current lenses are suitable for you.  How often you wear your contact lenses and for how long can affect comfort levels and durability. Many people choose to wear monthly lenses because it works out cheaper than wearing daily disposables.  However, depending on your lifestyle, it may be that you could benefit from daily lenses – they can be great for playing sports or going on holiday.


Another factor to consider is price.  Daily contact lenses such as Ciba Vision’s Focus Daily or Aqua Comfort Plus are very good value as well as good quality, even more so if purchased in packs of 90.  However, other brands of daily contact lenses can be as much as £50 per month.

However, if you do not wear your contact lenses every day, daily lenses are more hygienic and often work out cheaper overall than a monthly version.  Monthly lenses have to be disposed of after 30 days even if you wear them only once!