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How to Buy Vintage Jewelry Online



For many people, vintage jewelry conjures up images of sifting through disorganized bins at yard sales, consignment shops, and flea market booths. There are other options for locating vintage jewelry that’s been well-cared for and priced appropriately. You can actually shop for vintage pieces at local jewelry stores and online jewelry stores.

Vintage jewelry offers many benefits. The craftsmanship of older pieces is often unmatched by newer jewelry. Precious gems and metals are mined from the earth, so you can decrease your impact on the planet by buying used jewelry. Many vintage pieces are unique, beautiful, and built to last. Choosing vintage jewelry can be easier on your wallet too. When it comes to vintage engagement rings San Diego jewelers carry a wide range of antique options in their estate sections.

Vintage jewelry is used, and buying a used product online can be risky. You can try following some of these tips to ensure a successful purchase when buying vintage jewelry online.

Buy from a local online boutique. Many local jewelry stores sell their products online in order to serve a wider market. The advantage of purchasing from a locally owned online jewelry store is that you can use the Internet to browse pieces and narrow your choices at your leisure. When you’re getting close to making a purchase, it’s time to visit the store and see your favorite pieces first hand.

Request more information. If the online boutique with your favorite pieces isn’t local to your area, call or contact the seller for more information. Ask about any noticeable damages to the piece and the return policy if you’re not satisfied. You can also ask for additional photos of the piece. An honest jeweler who wants to make a sale will be happy to oblige.

 Buy from a dealer with a fair return policy. Many used products come “as is” and can’t be returned. Others can be returned only for store credit. Buyers justifiably want to see what they’re purchasing ahead of time, or they want the chance to return it if they’re not satisfied. Look for an online jeweler who allows returns on used jewelry within a reasonable timeframe, or who offers a warranty on used pieces.

 Check for seller ratings and reviews. Consumer ratings and reviews are often the fastest way to find out if you’re dealing with an honest seller. A vendor who is dishonest about the quality of pieces they sell online will receive bad reviews and you’ll know to avoid that store altogether.