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Do Running and Exercises – Make Your Own Lifestyle and Surpass Stress



Having an exercise program as part of your cancer treatment

Performing daily workouts is essential in relieving the body from stress. Keeping the body healthy is important to improve its endurance against stress and other daily work activities. Running is a good form of a daily workout as it gives you a more refreshing alternative of keeping the stress away with more liberty of enjoying variations on your workout environment. You can run within your village, in the park, at the beach, and other places you find most suited for your mood to stretch your muscles and bring the sweat out.

Getting fit need not be expensive. With running as your choice of exercise, you need not pay for a monthly fee for the gym facility or a fitness instructor. You won’t be needing tools when you perform running exercises thereby giving you a cost-effective way of doing stress-busting activities. There is also the socialization aspect of exercising by running. You can do this with friends and you can participate in fun run activities and clubs.

The health benefits of running include building strong muscles and bones, improves the body’s cardiovascular endurance and fitness, can burn calories fast, and helps the body to maintain its ideal weight. Running is a form of aerobic exercise that uses oxygen while using body fats to provide energy to the body. When the body is stressed, it produces several physiologic changes that exercise could help overcome.

With exercise and running, the causes of stress become more manageable. When the body is under stress, cortisol and norepinephrine are released. These are chemicals that could increase the stress level in the body, causing fatigue and mood changes to occur. To counteract the activities of these chemicals, you need endorphins in your system which are hormones released by exercise to pacify your stress level. As you exercise, the presence of other chemicals like serotonin and dopamine in the brain is increased consequently improving the feeling of safety and security that could manage the feeling of anxiety and changes in mood and negative perceptions of a person who is under stress.

With these physiological responses in the body during exercise, the body’s tolerance to stress is improved.  It is important to do your running exercise regularly to ensure that you maintain a good sense of well-being that promotes your ability to endure stress throughout the day. Making exercise and running a part of your lifestyle could definitely be a life-changing moment for you. You will find yourself more optimistic to perform your daily tasks with more vigor and in effect increases your productivity.

Stress can also cause a chemical imbalance in the brain that may affect your memory and ability to make good decisions and judgments. With running and exercise, you can think more intelligently in the absence of stress. The rhythmic activities involved in running could help clear the mind thereby allowing you to think more clearly with a better perspective about life.

Changing your lifestyle by living with a healthy diet and a regular exercise could produce several benefits to the body as well as to one’s general well being. Running provides a cost-effective way of making the body fit and active with some socialization, physical, and psychological benefits. As you start changing your lifestyle, start with your stress-busting activity with running at your own pace. Then gradually increase your speed and distance as your cardiovascular tolerance improves as it adapts to the strenuous activity imposed on it. Try to some varieties when you do your aerobic exercise by adding some yoga afterward to further improve your mind and spirit in managing stress.

But most of all, do not forget to do some stretching before you start exercising. This will warm up your muscles that will prevent soreness after your workout. Take more fluids after running to replenish the water loss due to exercise to prevent dehydration.