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Did You Know That Mixing Supplements Can Be Dangerous?



Did you know that mixing supplements can be dangerous?

We are all familiar with the thousands or maybe millions of websites selling supplements over the internet. All claim to have the best product for one or another ailment. This is not a bad thing since it gives the consumer a large number of products to choose from.

But naturally, some supplements work better for some physiologies, while they do nothing for other people. That’s just the way it is. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the supplement doesn’t have any beneficial properties or that the ingredients are inert. What it means is that that particular herbal health supplement doesn’t work for you individually. Or, in some cases, your condition maybe something else entirely which is not affected by the supplement.

The Danger

There is the danger, however, that when looking to find relief for a health condition, you decide to try out several supplements at the same time. This can be very dangerous and have unfavorable consequences. Just because you haven’t felt any relief for your symptoms does not mean that the ingredients or trace amounts thereof are not still present in your body.

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Some ingredients can remain in your system for an extended period, and it may take your body a few days to either break them down or expel them. Trying another product or even worse; combining the first product with a new one may lead to serious health problems.

Many manufacturers use the same ingredients in their products. Apart from that, different concentrations are used by individual companies in the making of these health products. As you can see, mixing products can easily lead to an “overdose.”

While generally speaking, the vast majority of the compounds used in making dietary health supplements are 100% natural, this does not mean that they cannot become toxic at high levels of concentration.

Possible Dangerous Mix

To illustrate my point, I’ll follow with an example. Many people regularly use Menozac as a Natural Menopause Treatment. One of the main ingredients in Menozac is Black Cohosh. Black Cohosh is a plant that has been used for centuries by Native Americans as a cure for depression and other maladies.

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A person using Menozac could put themself at risk if they were to consume the supplement Black Cohosh Extract. While there is no clear evidence that this herb has any hepatotoxicity, some countries have added a warning on the label of all products containing black cohosh, stating that it may affect liver function in certain individuals.

Other direct side effects of an overabundance of the compound may include several symptoms ranging from simple headaches to low blood pressure and slow heartbeats.


Dietary health supplements are generally very safe to use, and in many cases, help restore health to consumers. But you should always be careful if you are using more than one single product at a time. Just like with prescription drugs, some supplements are not meant to be mixed. It is always a good idea to consult with your doctor before you start taking any form of medication.