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Ensure a Tension-free Pregnancy with Adequate Support!



Pregnancy is a period that is ridden with anxieties, worries, mood swings, happiness, anticipation, and even depression. A woman goes through a lot of hormonal changes during pregnancy. These changes not only affect her entire body but also her mind. A woman may shuttle from extreme bliss to blues throughout the period of pregnancy and even after childbirth.

There is extra strain on a woman’s body at the time of pregnancy, and hence her needs are also more. The nutritional requirements of a pregnant woman differ widely from that of a non-pregnant woman.

A pregnant woman needs to consume a greater number of calories daily as per the daily diet chart recommended by her doctor. She must have proteins in greater quantities as the body goes through major changes during this period. Even the intake of calcium must be increased by a pregnant woman so that the baby gets enough supply of this essential mineral to build bones and teeth.

It is not advisable for pregnant women to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Moderate exercises like walking for 30 minutes to an hour will ensure that she stays healthy, fit, and positive throughout this phase. Walking increases the level of endorphins within the body; this elevates your mood and wards off depression.

It is important that moms-to-be stay in a happy and blissful state throughout the phase of 9 months so that the effect on the baby is positive. According to studies, a sad and gloomy mother is more likely to give birth to babies, who remain depressed and keep on crying continuously.

It is important that women stock up on multivitamins during pregnancy as it becomes vital to consume them as a mere diet isn’t enough source. Yoga is highly recommended during this period as it relieves you of stress and tension, and you can easily cross this period with comfort and happiness.

For added help, women may try raspberry leaf herbal remedy as it serves to nourish and tone the system (uterus), and it can be safely taken throughout pregnancy. This product increases the flow of milk after birth owing to its astringent properties. One to three tablets of a raspberry leaf after a meal helps in the quick recovery of the mother after delivery and helps her restore her vitality.

It must be noted that if you are taking ephedrine-containing or codeine-containing medications, you must refrain from using this remedy as the high tannin content of this herbal drug may interfere with the absorption of those substances. This herbal product is highly recommended during pregnancy by most expert doctors as it is free from artificial flavors or preservatives, has no added sugar, salt, or colors, and is free of gluten, wheat, yeast, dairy, soy, and corn. It is better not to ingest these substances as they may prove teratogenic and may affect the fetus, and the baby may show defects.

Morning sickness is very common during the 1st trimester of pregnancy. Take appropriate medications based on your doctor’s recommendation to get rid of this early morning ailment; else it will interfere with your daily activities, making you unable to enjoy all the aspects of pregnancy.

When you are in the last trimester of pregnancy, do not involve in heavy labor as it may affect your delivery. Listen to good soothing music that acts as a positive trigger for your child and aids in its brain development.