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Three Secrets for Building Bone Strength



Bone health may not seem like a very exciting subject. Especially if you cannot digest dairy products very well, then it really is not something you worry about. Your mom most likely drank milk and made sure you had plenty of milk, but this is not the only thing possible to increase the strength of your bones.

Here is a reason why you need to continue reading this article: the most common complaint of people going to the doctor is for orthopedic problems. Remember that it takes the body’s skeletal system to create the joints that your tendons have to have. With a large number of Americans being hospitalized for orthopedic surgeries (over seven million), it is vital that we build our body’s bones to keep our foundations strong.

1. Be sure to pick the right vitamins

Most people know that calcium is very important for healthy bones, but it is not the only one necessary. You can also try to increase your potassium through sweet potatoes and bananas; this is in addition to loading up with plenty of milk and other dairy products. Vitamins D and K are both vital to our skeletal health as well. They help to make proteins and absorb the calcium. You can get plenty of Vitamin D by getting out and enjoying the sunshine; your body can make it on its own this way. You may have to eat some kale or broccoli in order to get your Vitamin K, however. Even though it would seem to be easier to just take plenty of vitamins and supplements, this may not be good for you. Talk to your physician first about setting up a diet plan that is good for you and your lifestyle.

2. Follow your doctor’s orders

Your doctor is always going to tell you to limit your caffeine and eat healthier, but there is a reason for that. If you ingest a lot of wine or coffee, you may be eating those calcium-rich foods for nothing. The alcohol and caffeine keep your body from getting all that wonderful calcium. You do not necessarily have to stop them completely, but just reducing the amount of both beverages gives you a maximum benefit from your breakfast. Exercising is also vital to good bone health. Your bones and muscles make up your body’s foundation; in order to have strong bones, you must have an overall strong structure. You can start out simply by walking a couple of blocks instead of taking a cab or taking the stairs instead of getting on the elevator at work. You should always know your body’s limits and start slowly before stepping up the exercise routine. If you are not sure about what to do, talk to your doctor first.

3. Little things in life

You do not have to be a bodybuilder who eats nothing but salads in order to maximize your bone strength. Start out small and work your way up to a harder exercise routine. Make sure you always wear a helmet and pads to protect you during any risky activities to prevent injuries. Sit up straight with both your feet on the floor and practicing great posture is good not only for your bones but also for tendons and other parts of your body. Using ice to reduce pain instead of medicines can be more beneficial and does not produce additional chemicals into your body.

It is quite easy to neglect your health right now before you have any problems. Once you start having those problems, it is quite another story. Give your bones those all-important vitamins and strengthen your muscles. Your body will thank you, and you will be much healthier and happier.