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Improvements in Policy Terms Make Critical Illness Insurance Comparison More Vital Than Ever



When you look at any type of insurance cover from car insurance through to critical illness insurance comparison, you may find that some of the best products available are only open to new customers.

In the same way, some promotions and special incentives are also not available to those loyal customers that have been with the same company for years and years. They are exclusive to those that are only just joining.

However, though this is an infuriating tactic for those of us that consider loyalty to be a positive characteristic, it is possible for everyone to take advantage simply by making your own insurance comparisons.

Such a strategic plan by the insurance providers has been created to draw in new customers. But even individuals who have held critical illness policies for many years can use this as an opportunity, simply by becoming a new customer again.

By comparing the critical illness policies that are now available at online comparison sites, you can see exactly what could be available to you. If the benefits or the costs are more attractive to you than the policy that you currently hold, then it may be time to switch.

Improvements in Critical Illness Insurance

In the case of critical illness cover, developments in medicine have enabled significant improvements in the type of policy available.

After developing a greater understanding of certain illnesses, insurance providers are now able to include a wider range of protection within their standard policy that would have not been possible even a few years ago.

However, as a long-standing customer, new inclusions are not likely to be added automatically to your policy. In fact, even when serious illnesses are added to a standard policy, the traditional insurance company will not backdate exiting cover to include the new terms. They will simply offer the new terms to new customers and leave existing policyholders with the cover they already have.

Furthermore, we are now seeing a number of critical illness protection providers offer reduced levels of payouts for less serious illnesses as standard. Whilst other companies are now providing additional cover for children on new policies free of charge. But again, this probably will not be offered as a free extra to your existing policy unless you specifically ask for it.

If your insurance provider will not update your policy with the latest terms and conditions then it may be time to change.

By carrying out a simple critical illness insurance comparison you will be able to see whether you could save money or, increase your cover simply by going to a new supplier. It is not a difficult task and, as long as you take up the new policy before canceling your existing cover, your protection will be continuous.

It doesn’t have to take long, but the benefits of regularly checking the benefits of your critical illness policy, you can ensure that you get the most for your money and the best protection possible for your entire family.