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4 No-Hassle Steps to Add Holiday Cheer for the Entire Family



Holiday Cheer is no easy feat to muster up every single year, so if it’s feeling particularly difficult to find some this year, it’s best to follow these 4 very easy steps to spark up the holidays for you and your family.  Make things a tad bit simpler this year and try to push some of the responsibilities to those you love for a change!  The holiday spirit is better served when it’s held by many instead of just you.

Become Friends with the Best Cooks

This is an essential step for those who would like to warm the house with a home-cooked meal without having to slave away in the kitchen for two days.  Having gourmet chefs as friends will make hosting the Christmas party much easier this year.  Spread the cooking around and have everyone bring a dish that’s close to their heart.  A new tradition might even be born from this.  But you have to make sure that your friends know how to cook before you try this!

Holiday Shopping 101

Most seasoned veterans of holiday shopping are set in their ways when it comes to gift-giving.  However, in the last decade, it’s become much easier to shop for the people you love and it doesn’t take the amount of time it did ten years ago.  No longer do we have to let holiday shopping consume us.  We can do everything online now and sites like Amazon, Overstock, and many other stores have spectacular sales leading up to December, so hang up those Christmas flags proudly in front of your door this year.  Shop early as there is plenty of money to be saved. Once it creeps closer to Christmas, things will start costing arms and legs.

Holiday Décor for Die-Hard Fans

If you are over the age of 30, then holiday decorations are probably not giving you as much joy as they did when you were 7, but it’s still a great way to build up the anticipation for the holidays for the rest of the family.  There are many different ways to decorate this year and it could revitalize the spirit to start a few new traditions.  Skip the reindeer and giant Santa this year and create a tasteful spread of joy for all to see.

Choose your Company Wisely

The holiday season is a time for family and friends, but there is always someone who spoils the party.  This year, forget to invite these people.  It might be cold-hearted and it might not be in the “holiday spirit” or whatever, but this is your holiday season gosh darn it!  This year, the point will be to make the holidays about stress-free fun.  Cutting out those who suck the fun out of it really makes a big difference.


Being thankful that it’s the holidays might not be easy, but these few steps will build holiday cheer when you are not even paying attention.  Alter the behavior and the fun will come automatically.