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Cloudy Forecast: Trends That Are Gaining Ground This Year



Cloudy forecast: trends that are gaining ground this year

2017 was a promising year for the vaping industry. More people were able to learn about the many advantages of vaping, including being a quick way to quit smoking. Additionally, vaping companies were at the forefront in ensuring high-end design and development of e-cigarettes, and vaping kits. Most importantly, a majority of studies conducted in that year only helped in reinforcing the fact that vaping has minimal, if any, health risks.

2018 is expected to follow the same positive trend. The following are some of the developments we expect to unfold as the year progresses;

  1. High VG e-juice

For a long time, most of the vape juices in the market had 50/50 PG/VG ratio. High VG flavors were mostly made for cloud chasers. Almost all e-juices were single-flavor that didn’t appeal to anticipating vapers. Fast forward to today, and we have brands producing juices with as much as 70% VG. While this could partly be attributed to the increasing number of cloud chasers, it’s definitely something that has helped the industry. Being lighter on the throat, high-VG e-juices are kinder to newcomers and thus helps keep people grounded in their quest to quit smoking.

  1. Growth in number of flavor chasers

Many people who began vaping early on picked up on it mainly as a way to quit smoking. Often, you’ll find this group filling their tanks with plain VG with 180mg nicotine. Later on, another category of users sprung to the scene; people who were primarily interested in the clouds of smoke. To quench their thirst, e-cig companies went ahead to develop special devices and vape juices that produce larger clouds. Now, another group appears to be coming to the scene, primarily interested in the range of flavors offered by e-cigs. In response, manufacturers have again been forced to come up with special, complex flavors for these flavor chasers. Unless there is a major shift in the market, expect this trend to grow exponentially this year.

  1. A further rise in vaping as government slowly backs e-cigs

No product has had a more unpredictable life than e-cigarettes. When they first come to the market, no one wanted e-cigs. From health professionals to schools and governments, everyone wanted the concept killed before it saw the light of day. Several years later, and most health studies now publicly acknowledge that vaping is one of the very few ways to quit smoking. And, the government might soon follow suit, though subtly. has established that most states are adopting “smoke-free” regulations prohibiting traditional smoking in public spaces. At the same time though, they will be allowing people to “explore less harmful sources.” Reading between the lines, it appears like they are saying, “Go ahead and enjoy your vapes, responsibly!”

Aside from these three mega-trends, we also expect to see a rise in vaping-related apparel as well an increase in sales of mouth-to-lung kits. Of course, the quality, performance, and durability of e-cigs will also improve going forward. Really exciting times ahead!