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Three Ways To Improve Your Smile



If you are embarrassed about your smile, you’re not alone. Millions of adults are unhappy with their teeth, either because they are crooked or stained and discolored. When you smile or laugh your mouth naturally opens up revealing your teeth and if you try to cover this up or smile with your mouth closed it can look unnatural and insincere. But by the time you’re an adult your teeth have already come in – is there anything you can do? Luckily yes, there is. From invisible orthodontics to porcelain veneers, here are three of the most popular and easiest ways to correct a smile.

1. Whitening. Whitening has gotten a bad rap, but when done by a professional cosmetic dentist it’s highly effective and looks very natural. Whitening is a safe, medically proven process to change the color of your teeth by several shades. It may also help even out stains so that the teeth are one consistent color. There are several different methods a dentist can use to whiten your teeth but they are all easier and more effective than the over-the-counter strips available at stores.

2. Orthodontics. Okay, orthodontics is code for “braces” but don’t stop reading just yet. We’re not talking about those metal wire things you remember from high school. Orthodontics is used to correct crooked or misaligned teeth, and there are many discrete and comfortable ways of doing that. This includes removable orthodontics that you only wear at night as well as Invisalign, the leading “invisible” orthodontics that no one will notice in casual conversation. If you’re unhappy with the way your teeth look this can be your most powerful weapon.

3. Veneers. Not sure about the options above? Then dental veneers may be the way for you to go.  Veneers are essentially coverings for your teeth that make your smile look perfect without changing anything. They are micro-thin and made of porcelain for natural shade and texture. Your dentist will carefully fit them over your teeth so they are snug but comfortable, and you walk away with a new smile with no hardware and no whitening needed. For many people, it’s the ideal solution.

These are just three of the many ways a good cosmetic dentist can help restore or repair your smile. You don’t have to feel embarrassed anymore. Do you ever wish your smile looked different? What don’t you like about it? Leave us a comment and share your own story.