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Cosmetic Dentist Glasgow: Different Ways To Improve Your Smile



If you want to improve your smile, you should consider visiting a cosmetic dentist Glasgow clinic. Depending on the defects of your oral region, your dental provider can apply some techniques to make your teeth appear whiter or more even. Missing teeth can be replaced with dentures, a bridge, or teeth implants. Study the different types of cosmetic procedures and see which you ones can benefit from.

Bleaching or whitening is one of the most common procedures that patients look for at a beautifying dental clinic. You can brighten your smile and make your mouth look more hygienic. If you drink coffee or smoke often, you can benefit from this procedure a lot as most caffeine drinkers and smokers tend to have dark or yellowish stains on their teeth.

For teeth that are crooked, stained, or chipped you can opt to have veneers placed on the visible or front side of your teeth. This is an affordable and easy way to acquire perfect looking teeth that can fix more than one defect. This procedure involves using composite material or very thin porcelain that is cemented to the surface of each tooth.

If you don’t have any stains or cavities but suffer from uneven teeth, this problem can be easily remedied by enamel shaping. Through this process, your dental provider can change the contour of each tooth by removing or filling the enamel of jagged teeth. Recontouring is a cheap and painless way to get perfectly even teeth by simply changing the shape, length, or surface of your enamel.

Crowns are customized caps that are molded to the shape of your teeth and fitted over damaged enamel. Each damaged tooth will be covered with this dental fixture that is made with a metal base topped with porcelain or acrylic that looks like real enamel. This type of procedure is used to remedy damaged, chipped, decayed, or broken teeth. They can also fill large gaps between teeth.

Another way to fix chipped, broken, or stained teeth is through a process called bonding. This procedure will improve the way your oral region looks by covering defective enamel. A colored resin material is bonded or affixed to the damaged tooth. The material feels like plastic after it is hardened with a special kind of light. It is durable enough to chew meat with.

Missing teeth can be replaced with implants that look and feel exactly like the real thing. Each implant is made of a steel rod that is implanted into your gum and jaw bone through surgical means. It is topped with a crown that appears like genuine enamel. This is a permanent way to replace lost teeth, unlike a bridge, crown, or denture.

Orthodontic procedures and dental appliances like braces are not just for children or teens. Adults can also take advantage of orthodontic treatments to correct crooked teeth.