Dental Teeth Bleaching Houston- How long do the results of a teeth whitening treatment last?

There is no second opinion in maintaining sparkling teeth, as it radiates sparkling smile and increases one’s confidence. Although there are many reasons for the discoloration of the teeth, the saving factor is that lot of materials are now available for teeth whitening. But the results depend on the percentage of discoloration of the teeth and the causes for discoloration.

While discoloration due to intake of certain food and beverages could be easily managed, discoloration due to genetic factors or caused by internal factors are little difficult to deal with.

There are economical ways available for teeth whitening (home teeth whitening), but consultation with a highly qualified Houston cosmetic dentist could bring in the desired result. A question that always lingers on one’s mind before going in for teeth whitening would be, the period up to which the whitening treatment would last.

Well, it all depends on the daily food habits. After teeth whitening, if one continues with the same quantity and periodicity of the intake of the food and beverages he has been taking earlier, the results are bound to fade. Of course, by continuing the treatment frequently the whitening could be maintained at a certain level.

Least use of coloring agents like coffee, tea, alcohol, fruits like cherry, blue berry would help in maintaining the white balance. If a smoker or a tobacco chewer wishes to retain the whiteness of the teeth after the treatment, it is best to refrain from them or better yet, eliminate them completely.

It is always better to retouch the teeth at least once in six months to maintain the results achieved. When compared to the time and process for the initial teeth whitening, the touch-up whitening once in six months is certainly more economical and time saving and the result achieved could be maintained.


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