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Statistics Reveal That Most of the Non Fertile Men Are Habitual Smokers



The habit of smoking has become quite common among men, women, and youngsters. Though everyone read the caption that smoking is injurious to health, but no one pays attention to it. They find it quite difficult to quit this habit no matter whatever they decide to do.  Excessive smoking can impact your health and cause a serious problem.

Smokers Have Less Fertile Sperms:

Studies and statists clearly indicate that most of the nonfertile men are habitual smokers. Basically the chemicals in cigarettes inhibit the normal functioning of sperms, thereby reducing their chances of fertilizing eggs. These studies were conducted on both, smoking and non-smoking men, before reaching the conclusion mentioned above.

It also shows that non-smoker men are more fertile, as compared to casual or heavy smokers. In some cases, they become impotent, which is all more serious than other medical disorders.

Doctors advise quitting smoking

Doctors recommend their patients to quit this habit, as soon as possible. It is necessary that you quit smoking for at least 3 months. This much time is good enough for Vitro fertilization. Such a period is quite essential for the formation of the sperm to develop into a germ cell.

Smoking is not only harmful to men but for women as well. Such a habit impacts their fertility capability. Smoking is quite an expensive habit. It will impact her hormones and create complications to conceive naturally. Many times, they lead a depressed life, which is quite a difficult thing to come over.

It not only affects fertility in men and women but also affects their health. Passive smoking is indeed a concern, where the health of non –smoker is at bay. The toxic chemical and smoke that you inhale, is good enough to create various health-related issues. Such smoke in the air causes pollution which is not good for the health of your kids and elderly people.

Remember by smoking you are not only endangering your life but your families as well. By inhaling such smoke they become prone to various health-related issues like lung infection, heart-related issues, headaches, and many others. Chain smokers are those people, who smoke continuously.

This is definitely not good for your overall health.  Expending on cigarettes can impact your budget, as they are not cheap. Moreover, you might have to spend a fortune on your medical bills every year. It is a known fact that quitting such a habit is not an easy task. You need to have strong determination, in order to come over this habit.

There are many benefits associated with quitting smoking. The first and foremost thing is that you will save a fortune every month, and can lead an improved life. Continuous smoking might impact your lips and may discolor your teeth. You can easily get rid of such things, by quitting the habit of smoking.

It is has been noted that people who smoke lose their appetite, which has a direct impact on your health. There is a possibility that you might suffer from heart attacks and other ailments.

Many people have been successful in quitting it and are now leading a peaceful and healthy life. They could retain the glow of their face, which was lost due to this habit. E-cig is one of the best alternatives that will help you to quit this habit for good. They don’t have any side effects as normal or conventional cigarettes do. You can easily buy them from an online portal. They are priced economically and don’t impact the health of nonsmokers as well.