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Sleep Apnea And Your Health



If you’re feeling fatigued or tired you can decode your mode.  There are many different types of fatigue and depression but you don’t have to apply the same solution to each. When you say you are tired, there could be a key reason you feel low energy. Here are ways to decode your fatigue:

You’re sleepy

If you’re sleepy, you may feel like your brain is in a fog and you’re just really tired. It’s pretty impossible to keep your eyelids open fully and your body feels a little bit week. The best thing to do is to get some rest.

Emotionally spent

If you are extremely tired and emotionally tired, your body will feel an overall sense of weariness. Perhaps you feel like you’ve been hit by a truck or you’re just plain wiped out.

Stress can release cortisol, which interferes with the functioning of relaxation, and it can be released in your body when you’re anxious, frustrated, or extremely low on sleep. You’ll eventually exhaust your entire body and this is why you may feel emotionally tired. Take a nap, relax, and allow yourself to just crawl into the covers. The best way to fix emotionally spent energy is to sleep it off.


Maybe you feel famished and tired because you haven’t eaten enough and maybe your blood sugar is low. If you are over exhausted and feeling hungry you may be cranky, your stomach may be growling, and you may feel lightheaded. Other symptoms include a wide range of dizziness and even dehydration. If you are hungry grab a snack, but avoid something with high sugar such as candy bars or nutrition bars, they are actually worse for you because your energy will spike, and then you may crash again due to the sugar.

Instead, choose a fresh piece of fruit that has natural sugar and is loaded with fiber, you can even reach for a salad or protein mix, this will help you feel more clear and stable.

Sleep apnea

There are different forms of sleep apnea. Which can cause problems for sleeping sound? Your breath could become blocked temporarily while you sleep. This can cause a pause in your breath and it disrupts the sleep cycle. It will cause a person from experiencing deep sleep. Sleep apnea is actually something that is very common and visiting your dentist can help. Some dentists have extra machines to assess if it is part of your health situation.

Feeling tired and lethargic is part of life, but when you take your health into consideration and protect yourself daily you can avoid feeling tired.