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10 Workout Songs To Get You Pumped



Evidence suggests that listening to music can turn a mediocre workout into a stellar one. For some people, listening to music makes a workout tolerable, while for others it becomes a motivational tool to push even further. While some workout song choices might seem silly, they actually make sense when you consider how motivational they can be. The perfect songs will keep you from noticing the time passing as you get in shape.

10. Let’s Get Loud, Jennifer Lopez

Any song that gives you a command or mentions what you should be doing with your arms or legs is a great job, making this song perfect for a cardio workout. This is one of the best songs to get you out of your seat and on your feet, belting out encouragement all the way.

9. Around the World, Daft Punk

This song is ideal for your next run, especially as a power song. Play this little number when you are having a weak moment and instead of stopping, kick it up a notch. You need a song with a fast pace to fire you up. Plus, the fact that this song lacks a typical song structure will keep your mind focused on the beat and not the lyrics.

8. Spectrum (Say My Name), Florence and the Machine

Running on the treadmill can become mundane and monotonous, making music an essential part of even a short workout. The inspiring, strong lyrics make this song great for picking up the pace on a run. For a much quicker beat to up your pace, check out the Calvin Harris remix of the same song.

7. Simple Things, Zero 7

Even yoga workouts require some decent music that will keep them from experiencing fatigue. This song will help keep you focused on deep breathing, balance, and mastering poses.

6. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back), Backstreet Boys

When it comes to workout songs by boy bands, this song takes the cake. The encouraging lyrics, “Rock your body,” will keep you moving.

5. Lights, Ellie Goulding

When it comes to working out, you need music that is the perfect place. There are a lot of dance songs that do not make the cut because they are too fast; however, this song is the perfect place. Check out the Captain Cuts remix for a slightly faster version.

4. Somebody That I Used to Know, Gotye featuring Kimbra

Next time you are doing a workout involving steps, blast this song. You will notice a notable improvement in the way you move and in your attitude. Everybody has that one person they wish they could forget, and remembering them as this song plays is a great way to push yourself.

3. Titanium, Sia

Here is another song that will keep you on pace with your run. Plus, the lyrics in this song will remind you that you can keep going, no matter what. This song is perfect for a high-intensity workout.

2. That’s Not My Name, The Ting Tings

This song’s tempo is ideal for your workout, no matter how fast you are moving. The repetitive lyrics and the beat will keep you going for so long that you will not even notice how much time is passing.

1. Eye of the Tiger, Survivor

There is no way this song wouldn’t make the list. Everybody who works out imagines having a cheerleader, and this song does quite well. You will notice a significant change in your pace.