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This Is Not Your Mom’s Spa! The Latest Spa Trends



Spa treatments have changed since the days when your mother went to get a facial with cold cream and cucumbers laid over her eyes. The treatments have changed so much in fact some take weeks to complete or have had special buildings constructed specifically for a treatment purpose. As you can imagine, the cost has increased dramatically. What your mom used to think was an outrageous price for a facial would not even get a manicure completed today. The following treatments are what is trending now.

Hot Shell Massage

This type of massage is replacing hot stone massage or stone therapy. In conjunction with other elements from the ocean, tiger clam shells or a local clamshell of similar size are heated for use on the skin. Seaweed wraps and sea salt rubs are supplemented with lavender oils or jasmine to soothe and smooth the skin. The heated shells are then used to stroke areas where deep tissue massage is needed or to calm the muscles once a deep massage is completed.

Silk Body Therapy and Serenity Showers

These procedures replace the old style sauna and body wraps that used to be done in order to detoxify the skin. They are usually 90 minutes in length and consist of wraps with silk over cinnamon or conventional oils for smoothing and tightening the skin. The showers then mimic waterfalls with spray and misters from all directions to gently rinse and soothe.

Harmony Massage

Traditional styles massage but with two massage therapists working together at the same time. These sessions vary from 15-minute intervals to up to an hour; however, the price is twice the amount of a traditional massage because of two therapists.

Organic Oxygen Facial

A facial that is done with oxygen enhanced organic products and finished with pure oxygen mist. This is said to fight to age and have a calming effect due to oxygen being introduced directly into the nasal passages.

Relaxation Coaching

Meetings with an individual coach will determine needs and stress levels. Custom massage and facials are then scheduled in private cabanas, some cabanas are suspended like hammocks or with transparent floors over water, according to decompression needs and relaxation preferences. These can be completed within a day or can be extended to stays on private grounds in separate housing for week-long sessions.


The most inventive new approach to relaxation. The point is to ground the body to the earth to feel the earth’s natural rhythms. Your body is supposed to stabilize its own rhythms and reach a consistent center. This is said to reduce all types of inflammation and steady blood pressure. All this is accomplished by, believe it or not, walking barefoot outside and maintaining contact with the earth for an instructed amount of time.

What your mom used to think was an outrageous price for a facial would not even get a manicure completed today. Spa treatments have grown in price and have changed dramatically from the days of cold cream and kiwis. From hot shell message to earthing, spa treatments have grown to cater to modern needs.