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Three Things You’re Overlooking About Your Health



Most adults have at least some active interest in their health. You might not book that physical every twelve months, but you get into the doctor quickly if anything is wrong and you try to get to the gym when you can. But most of us live very busily, stressful lifestyles. It can be hard to keep up with your health, especially on a preventative basis. But there are certain areas many of us forget completely – and that can be a serious mistake. Here are the three areas many adults completely leave out when thinking about their health.

1. Dental care. When you were a kid you probably had a cleaning and dental checkup once a year, maybe even once every six months. But as adults, dental checkup is easily the first aspect of health that we forget or ignore. Obviously, if you have a toothache you go in and see your dentist, but the preventative value of routine cleaning is huge. Any dentist can attest that just because your teeth are all grown in, does not mean you’re in the clear when it comes to dental problems. Common issues for adults include cavities, receding gum lines, sensitive teeth, and wisdom teeth (if you still have yours).

2. Lifestyle. Most of us make an effort to get some kind of exercise, but there are some lifestyle-related health issues that we frequently overlook or disregard. A lot of these come down to diet and habits. For example, cutting back on your sugar intake isn’t just a weight loss trick – it also reduces your risk of diabetes, one of the most common life-altering medical conditions in the US. Likewise, eating more vegetables and cutting back on drinking is good for your heart and reduces your chance of heart disease, one of the leading causes of death.

3. Your partner’s health. In a relationship, it’s important for both parties to look out for each other. Has your partner had a physical this year? Are they neglecting or minimizing the importance of any health issues or warning signs they may be experiencing? Often, it takes a word from someone very close to us to make us take our health seriously. The point is not to judge, but to be advocates for each other.

Your health is your most important priority. Proper dental care and eating enough greens is only the tip of the iceberg. What else do you find yourself overlooking?