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Candida Diet Recipes



9 quality diet tips for men and women

Yeast Infection

If food is the way to a man’s heart, then let this list of good food and recipes comfort the hearts of those with a Yeast infection.

Candida originates from the fungi Candida Albicans. Those with this infection should have a restrictive diet.  Most diseases are treated not only with drugs but also with lifestyle modifications and proper diet and nutrition. Yes, this diet may deprive you of your favorite and most sought after food preparations. These however will help you return to your normal life, with compliance of course of your Candidiasis treatment.

Candida Diet: What to Avoid

Since Candidiasis is caused by yeast, it is advised that food rich in yeast should be completely avoided.  Starchy food such as bread, pasta, corn, and potatoes aside form zucchini and peas should also be stricken out of your diet. Give up junk food, sugars, fruits, dried fruits, and fruit juices.  Skip your daily doses of caffeine. Caffeine is not good for the immune system.  It depresses your immune system by requiring it to produce adrenaline every time you have that irresistible coffee. As you may already know, anything and everything that has a negative effect on your immune system have a positive effect on Candida Albicans. Obviously, you wouldn’t want that.  Packaged and processed food, cheese, alcohol, vinegar-containing food, and malt products should be also excluded from your diet.

What To Eat During Your Cleanse

With all this food that you should avoid, what can you eat then? This is the common problem of individuals with yeast infection since they only know the list of food to avoid but are less informed of what is good for them. First on the list is coconut oil.  It is known to provide benefits to the body and more importantly, it is considered the most effective anti-fungal. Aside from its availability, it is perfect for frying and cooking. It can be part of every Candida diet recipe you prepare. Onion and garlic can now become part of your daily food ingredients.

They have anti-fungal properties to help you combat Candida overgrowth. Ginger is also good for you especially to your immune and digestive system.  It helps improve blood circulation and removes toxic substances in the liver.  It is a favorite of most hypertensive patients.

Seaweed, pumpkin seeds, olive oil, lemon, and cayenne pepper should be included in your diet.  You can also have almonds as your alternative snacks. They have probiotic characteristics that will help you fight yeast infection and kill the destructive Candida Albicans.  With all these ingredients, you can now begin your food preparations.

You should try Zucchini with Butter and Garlic. The ingredients of this simple recipe include small zucchini, minced garlic, and unsalted butter. First wash the zucchini, and cut it into four parts. Put it in a frying pan with butter on top and include the minced garlic. It should be sautéed with medium heat for about five minutes. You can remove it from the heat once the water and butter have started to bubble and boil a little. Leave it for about ten minutes with the frying pan lid on until your zucchini turns crispy. Finally, you can add some salt to it, and then, it’s ready for serving.