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Weight Loss

Lose Weight By Setting Better Goals



How often have you set out to do something only to give up a few weeks later due to a lack of motivation? If you’re like the average person, this will probably happen quite often.

If you are trying to lose weight or reach a particular fitness goal, this lack of motivation can be really frustrating and limiting. So, how can you ensure that your motivation stays consistently high and gives you the drive you need to succeed?

The Importance of Goal Setting

Effective goal setting can often be the only thing standing between success and failure. If you set yourself the wrong goals or fail to set any goals at all, you will almost certainly suffer a paralyzing loss of motivation at some point. Get it right, and your goals can help drive you forward, keep you strong and bring you progressively closer to your ultimate goal.

So what makes a good goal?

If I were to ask you what your latest fitness goal was right now, you might say, ‘to lose weight’ or ‘to get fitter’. Now, although these are both good things to be aiming for, they aren’t clear enough. In order for these goals to drive you forward, they need to be more specific. A good example is, ‘I want to lose 10kg’ or ‘I want to run a sub 40 minute 10K’. These are specific goals that you can measure. This means that you can also track your progress towards these goals.

Another key factor in effective goal setting is ‘time’. To spur yourself into action and give your training or dieting some urgency, you should always set a time limit on achieving your goals. With both the examples above, you might set a particular date which you want to achieve your goal by. This will give you something clear to work towards and give you the extra boost of motivation that you need.

Lastly, why just have one goal? Again, let’s look at the above examples. Why not work towards them both at the same time? Running will help you lose weight and losing weight will improve your running. They are mutually beneficial. By gradually working towards two specific goals, each time you go for a run or keep to your diet, you will feel like you’ve won twice!

Next time you set out to achieve something take the time to set yourself some specific goals. They are a valuable tool in fueling your drive and motivation. You never know, they could be the key to your success.