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A Buyer’s Guide to Walking Aids



The elderly and the disabled often have to face a life of difficulty, and even walking a few steps can be fraught with pain and danger. Some immobility sufferers are forced to sit for long periods of the day, or they need carers to help them get around. However, the latest innovations in walking aids can give people the independence they are entitled to. There is now a wide range of products that help people help themselves, and they are giving people the chance to sample what a normal life feels like.

Innovative Crutches

People often associate crutches with short-term support for those with broken bones, but some people rely on them to get through each and every day. Fortunately, recent technological advances and new, ergonomic designs have made this essential mobility aids far more effective. The arthritic crutch, for example, is made from lightweight aluminum; it also has adjustable handles and a specially designed trough for the arms. It is the crutch’s rotating handles that reduce strain on the wrists to a minimum.

There is also a stunning new range of adjustable models on the market that provide a safer and more comfortable support system for the user. The soft grip comfort handle models, for instance, can be adjusted between the cuff and the handle, and they are designed to provide an extra level of comfort. The progress adjustable design gives the immobility sufferer a customizable walking experience, as it features pivoting and height-adjustable cuffs. Relatively recent products such as Visco hand pads and padded handle covers can protect people with fragile skin from excessive friction. All of these customizable waking systems are giving people the independence they deserve.

Walking Sticks for the 21st Century

The humble walking stick has been providing support for immobility sufferers for centuries, but the latest designs are made to fit in with busy, 21st-century lifestyles. The adjustable folding walking stick, for example, is perfect for taking out and about, as it can be folded away very easily. People who transfer a lot of weight onto their stick will benefit greatly from the latest carbon fiber walking sticks; they look great and they are around 6 times stronger than aluminum models. For those users with comfort at the forefront of their needs, comfy grip sticks are expertly designed to distribute weight evenly across the length of the handle. These mobility aids allow people to shop, socialize, and fend for themselves, and it is impossible to put a price on that sort of independence.

Other Eye-Catching Walking Aids

Sometimes, a walking stick will not provide the level of stability and support that is needed, but there are still some incredible innovations that allow people to live full and rewarding lives. The latest rollators come with brakes, adjustable handles, padded back-rests, and a range of storage options. Other mobility aids such as patient and trionic walkers, bariatric rollators, and transit chairs are transforming the lives of people with mobility issues – giving them the dignity that is their right as a human being.

The ability to walk around the home, the local community, and society, in general, is not a privilege; it is a right. Where people simply need a little extra support, it is not right that they are forced into a wheelchair prematurely. The latest mobility aids are at the cutting edge of design, and they are facilitating independent living all over the UK.