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A New Season- Wellbeing Tips For A Healthy Spring



Winter – the long goodbye

Isn’t it funny how winter creeps upon us, as the nights get ever shorter and the autumn nights suddenly give way to the months of low temperatures, rain, snow, and ice?

And once winter arrives, it does seem to stick around for an awfully long while.  The novelty of winter tends to wear off pretty quickly and we’re left with the practicalities of staying warm enough not to shiver – and of course staying indoors a lot more, eating hearty winter food like soups and roasts.

But slowly, bit by bit, winter does start to disappear. The first corners of light begin to appear around late afternoon’s edges sometime in February. And by late February, it’s still full-blown light at 5 pm – which feels like a kind of rebirth after all those months of black and slate grey skies.

Spring – welcome contrasts

Actually, winter isn’t bad at all. It’s a time of some very great beauty in nature, plus there are all the family get-togethers and some great food. But spring does provide a welcome contrast, and it’s not unusual to feel a rush of energy along with the return of longer daylight hours.

Getting the most from the new season

So as the season changes, it provides a great opportunity to revitalize any health and fitness plans that you have happening. Especially since the temperatures are rising and the day is lasting longer, you may feel you want to get out of the gym for a bit and try out some more outdoorsy activities.

And of course diet-wise there are a good few things that are in season during the spring, so it’s always nice to check out some delicious local produce and get cooking some tasty healthy meals. As spring progresses, too, there are also plenty of sunny days and the perfect opportunity to make a healthy salad.

Spring and your wider wellbeing

While resolutions made at the beginning of the year are often made in good faith, it’s often mentioned how easy it can be to discontinue them simply down to the time of year they were made. So if you have any resolutions that went by the wayside, then now is a great place to pick up the thread. It could be anything from a lapsed vow to lose weight, get fit, or stop smoking. But try again now it’s spring and you may be surprised just how much less effort it is at this time of year.