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The Healthy Salad: Balancing The Different Aspects Of Health



Are you healthy?

Most people would describe their health in terms of the absence of illness or sickness or how much they use their health insurance. However, we believe that health, in general, is more than a person’s physical well being.

Health has different aspects that work hand in hand to make a person function effectively. Health aims to attain job satisfaction, to earn money for a living, to support the family, and to be able to perform one’s leisure activities for comfort. The aspects we are talking about here are physical, social, spiritual, occupational, intellectual, and emotional health.

Physical health is an aspect that determines your ability to perform your daily activities with vigor and without quickly getting fatigued. Human health includes the relationships a person establishes with the people around him. Spiritual health is the aspect of how a person considers the world metaphysically, which is not necessarily associated with a religion. Mental health involves a person’s desire to learn and ability to practice what they have learned. Last but not least, emotional health affects one’s awareness and ability to control feelings. It also involves a person’s image of himself and the people around him.

Optimum function can be achieved when these aspects are balanced and equally exercised well. Aside from your daily jogging or gym activities, reading the newspaper or your favorite novel, having fun with your friends or family, and enjoying your work is equally important.

Let us consider an example. Some tend to think only about one aspect of health, such as people who are described as “workaholics.” Occupationally, they may be productive and efficient. But let’s say you spend most of your time in the office even during the holidays. You sacrifice other aspects of health by putting excessive stress on your body and mind (physical and intellectual), not spending quality time with others (social) and may end up being drained and burn out

Health is the summation of everything that happens in our life — from our own body to the community in which you belong. To say we are healthy, we do not only speak of strength or endurance. It includes an inner feeling of well being, which is a result of the balance of our ideas, opinions, actions, relationships, and productivity. You are healthy if you can face the challenges and stresses in life with a positive outlook and with confidence that you can handle each day with minimal fatigue but with contentment.