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What After School Sports are Available for Today’s Youth?



There are a wide variety of sports and activities available to today’s students. Some sports such as basketball, football, volleyball, and baseball are available in almost every city in the United States, while others are only available to students in certain areas of the country. Your child’s school can be one of the best resources for after school sports. There are also parks, community centers, and recreation departments in most cities that run sports programs for youth throughout the year.

Activities for Boys

Teaching physical education can be difficult, especially if you’re not a naturally athletic person; however, children learn by example and boys and girls should both be taught the basics of sports. They should be allowed to choose the activities that suit their personality and skill level. Basketball, soccer, hockey, football, volleyball, baseball, and wrestling are common after school program activities for boys. Some boys also participate in bowling, golf, cross country, and track. These are all excellent physical activities that help the young men of today stay physically active and encourage them to work with teammates and coaches toward a common goal.

Activities for Girls

Although it’s common to assume that girls don’t need to be as physically active as boys, participating in sports is just as beneficial to every growing child. Sports help them to be physically active as well as part of a team. Some of the sports that are available to girls are the same sports that boys often play, such as basketball, track, volleyball, and soccer.

Girls may also choose softball, dance team, horseback riding, swimming, or cheerleading. Many of these sports are available through your child’s school. Some gear is likely provided by the school, but it is essential that you purchase some items such as supportive shoes that fit their feet well and are appropriate for the activity they are participating in.

Choosing to Participate in Sports

Some children have difficulty choosing which sport to participate in. They may want to be in basketball with their friends even though they are more skilled at playing soccer. Parents should be supportive of their children’s choices and encourage them to practice and play their best even if the sport they have chosen is not one they excel in.

Be cautious of how many sports teams children are involved with each season, as they need to be able to focus on developing their skills without sacrificing their academic performance. Talk to your children periodically about how they are feeling to ensure that they don’t become overwhelmed and forget the joys of physical activity and teamwork.