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Staying Young: The Definitive List



Staying young: the definitive list

It’s a phrase which is branded around quite a lot these days, “just how do we stay young?”. In some ways, it’s quite abstract, but if you delve further into the topic it soon becomes clear that there are ways to at least retain your youth in your face for much longer.

We’re by no means suggesting that you can pause time and physically stop aging – that’s still left to the scientists. Instead, when it comes to your appearance, umpteen studies have already been carried out and the results are starting to speak for themselves.

Let’s now look at some of the best ways you can retain that youthfulness – even when you “feel” old.

Dabble in new science

This first tip is going to focus on ASEA, although there are several “new” forms of science which potentially offer similar results.

In simple terms, more and more products are starting to be put together through science and rather than being full of “if’s” and “maybes” – they’re full of more definite possibilities.

In the case of ASEA, this is something which doesn’t contain any infamous herbs or anything else along those lines – it benefits from redox signaling molecules. These are something that are native to our bodies and in simple terms, help to protect and rejuvenate cells.

Plenty of studies have been performed on ASEA – it’s one of the more modern ways to stay young.

Stay out of the sun

We all want that ‘glowing’ skin, but studies have revealed that the sun is one of the biggest factors behind aging. It’s something that causes wrinkles, creases and that dreaded saggy skin that accompanies advancing years. You only have to look at the areas of your body which aren’t subjected to sun, like under your arms, to see just how badly it can affect you.

Therefore, the advice is simple. Apply as much protection as possible, or just avoid long stints in the sunshine.

Hit the pillow

This is probably the “nicest” suggestion on our list, and merely involves topping up your sleep. We all know of the short-term effects of a lack of sleep, but over time these can be reflected in your skin as well. The more tired you become, the more cortisol you start to produce. In turn, this starts to break down collagen and enhance the nasty side effects of aging.

Again, it’s simple advice. Try and sleep for seven to eight hours – it will do your youthfulness the world of good.

There are no myths when it comes to antioxidants

A lot has been written about antioxidants lately; so much in fact that some people believe that it’s all myths. Well, we’re about to dispel those thoughts – antioxidants can make you look young, and there’s plenty of science to prove it. They are something that can neutralize the particles that cause wrinkles in your skin and therefore keep your age down.

Foods such as pomegranate, green tea and soy are some of the best suggestions – and some even believe applying these topically to the skin can boost their age-defying effects.