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How to Transform Yourself from a Couch Potato to a Certified Jogging Machine



If you’ve never been to a gym before, then running for extended periods of time in front of others can be a bit intimidating.

Instead of coming to terms with your running niggles in the gym, why not go for a jog outside, and get used to stretching your legs without the fear of intimidation or embarrassment!

Take a look at our eight-week guide to getting fighting fit for this summer.  Getting in shape will not only improve your overall health and fitness, but it can also affect the cost of getting life insurance too – those who are less active and overweight are charged a higher premium or sometimes refused cover based on their lifestyle.

Get a Check-Up

First things first – if you haven’t had a check-up or a physical recently, make sure you get one before you start running. The last thing you want is to collapse on the treadmill from an undiagnosed condition, so go see your doctor before you work up a sweat!

Running Shoes

Wearing the correct running shoes is very important when going for a jog – your usual walking trainers just won’t do! Everyone has a different foot type, and you could end up doing some painful damage to your foot muscles unless you wear the correct footwear. If you want some advice on the correct running shoes, its best to visit a specialty running store.

Warming Up

If you want to get the best out of your jog, then warming up is essential. Going out on a run without stretching or at least getting your heart rate up can be detrimental to your body, and in extreme cases cause your muscles to overstretch and tear. A brisk walk before a run usually does the trick, and if you’re still feeling a little tight in the calves, make sure your stop and stretch them out.

Week One – Week Three

You’ll want to start off your run by walking for six minutes, and then jogging at a slow pace for one minute. If you repeat this every jog for one week, then you’ll be ready to up your game in week two. In your second week, walk for five minutes and then run for two, again repeating this routine 3 times per jog. Finally, in week 3, you should be in a position to walk for three minutes and then jog for four. Repeat this routine four times per jog.

Week Four to Seven

Week four to seven involves exactly the same routine but just changing the intensity of the run. In week four you’ll be walking for two minutes, running for five, week five you’ll be walking for two minutes, running for eight, week six you’ll be walking for two minutes, running for nine, and finally in week seven, walking for one minute and running for eleven! Remember to repeat each level of intensity at least three times per jog.

Week Eight

If you reach week eight, then it’s time for a celebration! With ease you should be able to run for twenty minutes, starting and ending your exercise with a five-minute walk. Exercise is all about pushing yourself, so if you want to take your running a little further, why not trying running for 30 minutes each time? Remember, always wear the correct running shoes, and if your muscles ever feel tight, make sure you stop and stretch them out.