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Different Types of Incontinence Pads



Old age brings in a lot of health problems and some of them can be really embarrassing. One of the common problems faced in old age is urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is the involuntary leakage of urine and is highly distressing. There are several reasons responsible for urinary incontinence; it can happen due to the weakening of pelvic muscles, urinary tract infection, and an overactive bladder, just to name a few. Some people suffer from urinary incontinence since birth due to nerve damage. Now, the main question is how to deal with urinary incontinence to avoid embarrassment in the presence of friends, relatives, or colleagues.

Alternative to Using Incontinence Pads

You can undergo medications but it is obvious that medications cannot be effective overnight. Therefore, it is essential to backup your medication with incontinence pads. It is essential that you choose the right type of incontinence pad which best suits your needs, especially considering the numerous types of incontinence pads available in the market.

Pads According to Sizes

If you are worried about absorbent pads being bulky, you need not think about it as a problem anymore. These days, absorbent pads are super thin and their presence is not revealed through whatever you choose to wear. The thin incontinence pads are available in a wide range, which includes: mini, normal, extra, super, and maxi. The mini pad has a low absorbent power of 200 ml and is useful if you face a urinary leakage problem on a low level.

Regular Incontinence Pad

A normal incontinence pad can absorb up to 340 ml fluid and the extra offers an absorbent power of almost 600 ml. These pads are useful for moderate incontinence. However, if you experience a heavy urinary leakage problem, it is advisable to purchase super and maxi incontinence pads, which absorb 830 ml and 1030 ml respectively.

Special Absorbent Pads

You can find a range of incontinence products adapted to all types of incontinence problems. There are special absorbent pads available for men to meet the special needs of men. These products are designed keeping in mind the male body structure and to provide utmost comfort for men. Special absorbent products for men provide absorbency of almost 600 ml.

There are a few product essentials that you need to check for. You should ensure that your incontinence pad does not leak or make noise while you walk, cannot be seen through your clothes, and hides urinal and fecal odor with ease. Lastly, choose a reliable product which provides comfort too.