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How To Choose The Right Size Adult Incontinence Product



Choosing the correct sized adult incontinence products is important for many reasons. Improper fit or absorption could result in leakage, odors, and potential skin problems. Read on to learn how to choose the right kind and size of incontinence supplies for you.

Adult Briefs

Most adult briefs come in sizes ranging from small to extra-large. Some styles of briefs come with stretchy waistbands and extra tape tabs so you can customize your fit even further, however, you will want to refer to company sizing charts when choosing which size of briefs to pick (most will have the waist and or hip sizes measurement with corresponding sizes to help you choose). As long as you have an accurate measurement of your waist and hips and the largest size, most brands of adult briefs are pretty true to size.

Underwear/Pull Ons

Protective underwear for adults is very similar to underwear; most brands come in small through extra-large sizes, the Prevail brand does come in 2X. Most brands of underwear have charts that will help guide you to the correct size with ranges of waist/hip measurements to correspond with each size, so you can also go by that as well.


Undergarments come in belted and un-belted versions. The belted versions are generally one size fits all and come with a wide nonroll belt that makes the garments more comfortable to wear. Some users may find the un-belted versions more comfortable as the undergarment is held in place by tabs that will hold them in place– it’s just a personal preference whether you go with belted or un-belted.

Liners & Pads

Both liners and pads simply to your normal underwear, fit, shape, and comfort are as important as absorbency. There are different levels of absorbency from light to extra heavy nighttime liners and pads available. The closer to the level of absorbency to your level of leakage, the more comfortable you will be. For instance, you won’t really need an extra-heavy pad if you only have light leakage, but you will definitely need more than a liner if you have excessive leakage. You may need to evaluate a few different levels of protection and sizes to determine which one works best.

In conclusion, finding the right fit and level of absorbency of your adult incontinence supplies is essential. You’ll find that taking time to evaluate samples of various products will help you chose the “Right One” to meet your needs now and in the future.