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Are Affordable Dental Implants Available Outside the Country?



The odds are you might have heard about how you could pay less for dental implants outside of the United Kingdom. The fact is that many UK-based implant service providers have offices outside of the UK. These include organizations like Dental Implant Advisory.

This is an advantage but you have to be careful when considering an overseas travel plan. There are risks that come with using services from a country with different treatment standards.

Where to Go?

Most people who look for affordable dental implants tend to travel to Hungary. This is one of the most affordable countries to visit when trying to receive implants. The expenses for preparing crowns and installing them are much lower there.

People often go to Spain as well. The costs are also lower there albeit not as low as what is available in Hungary.

What are the Savings?

The savings that come with receiving dental implants outside of the UK are impressive:

  • It can cost half as much to get an x-ray and CT scan in Hungary as it would get the same service in the UK.
  • It can cost about two hundred pounds less for an implant outside of the UK.
  • Bone augmentation and skin grafting procedures are also available for less than half of what they are worth in the UK.

What About Safety?

You might want to take a careful look at what comes with these outside providers just to make sure that you are dealing with someone who is safe.

  • You have to see that the standards that an overseas company is using for your implants are the same as what is used in the UK. This includes making sure the implant materials and the scanning equipment is up to the same standards that you want to use.
  • The people who offer services elsewhere have to be properly trained as well. These include people who are likely to have attended the appropriate schools for training purposes.

You should see where you are going when finding affordable dental implants elsewhere. While you can use many providers outside of the UK for receiving implants, you have to be sure that you are doing business with the right people. This is so you can save money and receive services from a talented provider in an outside part of Europe.