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The Health Benefits of a Gel Fireplace



A gel fireplace may very well be one of the most beneficial pieces of art you will add to your home. These are functional pieces of art that were once extremely expensive, and really only seen in environments like meditation studios and high-end spas. Today they are affordable and available in a multitude of styles to complement any space. Aside from being stunning art, they actually provide you with health benefits as well. This is something you can’t say about the canvas on your wall or the statue on your floor.

Reduce Stress

A gel fireplace creates a very relaxing atmosphere. It is nearly impossible to gaze into a dancing flame, and not feel your stress levels instantly decrease. There is something about fire that just hypnotizes you. It provides warmth and promotes relaxation, which is good for your health.

If you don’t already know, stress contributes to a long list of health concerns, with cancer, heart attack, and stroke being up at the top of the list. It can take a toll on your sleep quality and contribute to poor eating habits, both of which can lead to obesity and depression.

Moisturize the Air

The gel is derived from alcohol. It is a clean-burning source, and when it burns, it turns into tiny water droplets that are released into the air. You can’t see the water vapor, and it certainly does not make the air soggy, but it does provide a hint of moisture that can help keep you from getting sick.

When your mucus membranes are dry from operating the heat, germs and viruses are able to stick and make themselves at home. When they are moisturized, they have a better chance of being naturally rinsed away.

No Health Risk

Since a gel fireplace does not create smoke, it will not contribute to cancer, respiratory and sinus issues, asthma, and allergies the way that a wood-burning fire does.