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Lemons To Benefit Your Health



Everyone is looking for a quick cure to the most common maladies. They will go to homeopathic stores and websites looking for a new concoction with Eastern roots. They are neglecting the use of some materials they can find in their very own home. Lemons for instance solve a lot of health problems and can be found easily in the local market. Lemons are filled with special nutrients that when ingested can provide many benefits and essential oils on the skin can also improve certain afflictions.

Lemons are also found to contain high amounts of citric acid. The citric acid does wonders for the body’s natural pH levels restoring it back to a more neutral balance. The acid also is used to restore digestive health by helping dissolve kidney stones, calcium deposits, and gallstones. Other nutrients present in lemons have been found to contain anti-carcinogenic properties. Limonene is a type of oil that slows the production of cancer cells, while glycoside stops the division of the cells.

Lemons are also a good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a great nutrient to help prevent infections. It is historically known to also prevent scurvy in sailors who used to have terrible diets and suffer from dehydration. Vitamin C also works to help defend people from colds and flu by helping support the immune system and cells used to fight the incoming sickness.

Lemon juice also contains nutrients that help build and strengthen blood vessels. These nutrients are called flavonoids and are found to be helpful in the fight against high blood pressure and hypertension. In this fight, it also is a good source High-Density Lipoproteins (HDL), which is the good cholesterol that helps dissolve and carry out bad cholesterol.

Lemon juice also contains poultices, which serve as a great remedy to common skin problems. Issues like callouses and corns can be cured by applying lemon juice on a rag and let sit overnight. Using lemon’s essential oil you can also cure rashes like eczema and acne. This is not because of the poultice, however, but because of that vitamin C, it provides great shine to the skin. Lemon juice also has alkaline properties that help attack bacteria that are known to cause acne. Simply apply using your finger or a cotton ball and let it sink in overnight. Then wash it off in the morning. Beware open wounds as the acid will provide an intense burning sensation.

Lemons are a unique fruit because of all the benefits they can be used for. The antioxidants, the citric acid, the flavinoids, and the oils, all work together to create a superfruit that can be used to cure a variety of things. With regular ingestion or application, lemon juice can cure digestive maladies, fight diseases, and cause one’s skin to shine better. This fact should cause second-guessing when going for the more pricey chemicals found in homeopathic, or spiritualized medicine since those are less reliable. All of these benefits for the inexpensive cost at the local supermarket.