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Weight Loss

Cryolipolisis – Weight Loss Technology You May Not Be Aware Of



One of the biggest challenges in keeping a healthy figure is the persistence of stubborn fats that you just can’t seem to get rid of. No matter what exercise you do, those subtle bulges refuse to go away, and you are left wondering about invasive options such as cosmetic surgery.

Description and explanation

Fortunately, today’s developments in technology have revealed better alternatives for removing excess fat from targeted areas of your body. Coolsculpting is a ground-breaking method that will change the fat-removal landscape. The procedure, technically known as Cryolipolisis, was developed by expert researchers at Harvard University. They managed to utilize the freezing effect of cooling pads on fat.

The treatment is administered by doctors, and you need to undergo a consultation to determine your goals for your body and your weight. It is understood that you may have expectations, but the consultant should be able to explain to you what is realistic and achievable.  Once you’ve agreed on the direction of the treatment, you can then set a schedule for the cool sculpting procedure. Depending on your preferential outcome, the duration should be from 1 to 3 hours.

Preparation and procedure

On the scheduled treatment date, make sure you wear loose and comfortable clothing. Coolsculpting is performed while you stay in a sitting position, and you should be relaxed before the procedure. The doctor will then attach a gel pad to the target area. This maybe your love handles, stomach rolls, or other body areas with extra fat deposits.

Next, the vacuum is activated, together with the cooling mechanism. While the bulge is being pulled into the cooling panel, you will feel some slight pinching because of the intense cold and pressure. Some tingling will be felt as well, but eventually, the area gets numb. The controlled cooling technique would be calibrated to target only the fats, which are actually more sensitive to colder temperatures.

Results and aftermath

These fats will then experience a natural death, leaving your tissues and muscles to start the healing process instantly. Your body will then eliminate these dead fat cells, causing the remaining cells to condense and take shape.

The good thing about cool sculpting is you get to do your daily routines even a day after the procedure. As mentioned, it is not intrusive and relies on your body’s natural propensity to heal itself. Soreness will be felt in the first few days, but the pain subsides once the cells have begun to settle. After a few weeks, you will notice a considerable change in the area, and it would be up to you if you’d want successive treatments in the future.

Advantages and benefits

Coolsculpting has been clinically proven to be a safe and non-intrusive procedure that reduces the bulges of fat in target areas of the body. Controlled cooling eliminates the need for knives and anesthetics, which have the tendency to cause complications on your body.

The natural healing process also contributes to boosting your confidence. Feeling minimal pain makes you feel in control since there is no need to rest and heal for weeks. Eventually, your jeans will fit much better, and you’ll be able to achieve the ideal body you’ve always longed for.