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Caring For Dentures In Hamilton



If you have a full or partial set of removable dentures, you will need to know how to effectively clean and care for them. Your dentures are durable and should last you for many years, so you should follow these important tips for keeping them in good shape for as long as possible. Of course, you may experience a change in your facial shape and structure, which may require a new set of dentures that will fit more properly, but as long as your dentures fit, you should be able to keep them for a long time. Here are some tips on the care and cleaning of your dentures in Hamilton.

First, with removable dentures in Hamilton, you will need to take them out for daily cleaning. You should clean both the dentures and your gums in order to avoid dental issues caused by leaving food in your mouth to attract bacteria. Bacteria from plaque and tartar, which creates a breeding ground for tooth decay, even for false teeth. It can also cause gum diseases such as gingivitis and other, more serious periodontal diseases. Daily cleaning is as important for people with dentures as it is for people with their natural teeth.

When cleaning your dentures in Hamilton, you should first rinse them to get rid of excess food particles. Never use scalding water on your dentures, as it may cause them to warp and become misshapen. You should use mildly warm water as well as a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Hard brushes can be too abrasive for your dentures. You do not need a harsh cleanser or regular toothpaste either, which may be too caustic for your dentures, especially those that contain a whitening agent. You can invest in a denture cleanser or simply use soft soap for cleaning your dentures. Be sure to brush all around the teeth as well as the base of your dentures. Brush underneath as well, where the dentures sit on your gums. Finally, rinse well so that the cleanser or soap will not stay on your dentures.

Even if you have steady hands and a good grip on your dentures, accidents may happen, and dentures can easily become chipped or cracked if they are dropped on a hard bathroom floor or sink. When you are cleaning them, it can be a good idea to hold them low in the sink so that they would not have far to fall if you lose your hold. You can even fold a soft towel and put it on the edge of the sink, holding your dentures over top of it while you clean so that there is a cushion for them to fall on if you drop them. Any time your dentures come out of your mouth, brush your gums with a soft brush and mild toothpaste to keep them bacteria-free.

If you are brushing during the day, you can simply place your dentures back into your mouth. If it is a nightly cleaning and you intend to sleep without dentures on, you should place them in a container of water overnight. You should not allow your dentures in Hamilton to dry out, as they could become brittle or misshapen.

You can place them simply in water or purchase a denture-soaking solution. Be sure to check with your denturist to find out whether your dentures need any special product or whether a product might actually harm them. For example, if your dentures have a metal component, they should not be soaking in a chlorinated solution. It is very important to rinse your dentures before putting them back into your mouth, especially if they were soaking in any sort of chemical solution.