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How Your Management Style Could Be Increasing Your Stress



Your management style may have a tremendous effect on your body both in the workplace and at home, especially if stress plays a prominent role. Whether your personality favors the autocratic, democratic, or laid back participative management style, you may need help with organization. A life coach can help you work toward a better work-life and aid you in learning important skills that you can use at home and on the job.

Various Management Styles

There are a variety of management styles that pertain to the workplace that not only can have an effect on your stress levels at work but how you manage your home environment. After all, if the job doesn’t get done at the office, you may need to bring work home.

1) An autocratic manager likes to be in control and often acts like a dictator in both home and office. Stress levels are typically highest with this type of personality and this style of leadership.

2) A democratic boss can delegate the work, but they can be just as controlling if the job isn’t done correctly and on time.

3) Participative management is more laid back and tries to get numerous individuals involved in the thinking process. This can be a time-consuming style and can often lead to disruptive behavior if the parties involved don’t agree.

Can a Life Coach Help?

The world today can be busy and chaotic and more and more people seem to be experiencing high levels of stress no matter where they go. Fortunately, there are important resources at your fingertips, such as the professionals in the Noomii coach directory, that will help you to organize and reassess your life.

The job of this type of life coach is to provide support, guidance, and encouragement to an individual in all areas of their life. One of the most important steps they can help you with is to understand what your goals are in life. This may not be an easy task to undertake, as many individuals are uncertain of where they would like to be in ten, five, or even two years.

It’s a life coach’s responsibility to ask the appropriate questions and guide you toward thinking of what you want out of life. It’s not their job to do the thinking for you; they are only there to push you in the direction of obtaining your goals. Once you’ve decided what you would like the end result to be, the life coach can help you put together a plan. This could include better time management with family or employees, or even finding alone time. The planning stage of the exercise is usually the most important step you can take with a coach because it sets the foundation for the road ahead.

As an executive, your management style can say a lot about your personality and how you manage stress throughout your busy life. If things become too overwhelming for you, your local life coach can be your anchor in a tumultuous storm, staying personally involved every step of the way to make sure that you are staying on track.