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The Latest Protein Mixer Craze! The PROMiXX



Looking for something to mix up your protein experience at the gym? This brand new revolutionary mixer will prepare your powdered sports supplements and whey protein shakes in seconds and at the touch of a single button!

Once the button has been pressed, this starts the detachable motor (powered by two AAA batteries) located at the base of the PROMiXX and reaches a speed of 9000RPM.

The motor then powers the scientifically designed blade inside the 650ml beaker, which would be full of your chosen liquid to mix your powdered supplement in and creating a vortex that mixes the perfect shake or drinks every time. Once you are happy with the mixture simply press the button a second time to stop the motor and enjoy your drink.

So why would you choose this over a conventional ‘shaker’ or blender?

With the PROMiXX’s scientifically designed rotator blade being made of hardwearing and durable plastic there is little to no damage caused to micronutrients found in the powder of your supplements. The use of metal blades in blenders can denature the supplements making them less effective and can actually lower the biological activity of the nutrients which is why the PROMiXX uses the plastic blade to create its mixing power.

You will also notice that lumps that are a common factor when using shakers are eradicated and also it’s the 21st century; gadgets are taking over all manual tasks in our daily lives and the is PROMiXX certainly one to take over the way we mix our powdered supplements.

Everything about the PROMiXX has been specifically designed to give you the best out of your chosen nutritional supplements and it has been tried and tested by our team at Cirrus Supplements with some excellent reports in all aspects of it.

Be the first to get one in your gym or club, show off its awesome mixing power and watch the PROMiXX take over and become the new trend in your location.

Please note that the PROMiXX is designed for mixing sports supplements and whey proteins. Therefore if you are using weight gainer shakes or meal replacements that are made up of a lot of powder you may experience a loss of performance from the motor and blade.