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5 Ways To Eat Healthy On Road Trips



Eating healthy while you’re on the road is a huge challenge! Junk food is convenient, easy to find, and cheap. I once did an entire road trip on nothing but potato chips, candy bars, and cola!

Not surprisingly I had a weight problem that needed to be brought under control. Traveling is crucial to my business. I had to find a way to eat healthy on the road!

Here are my top five tips for healthy dining while traveling.

1.) Doing Fast Food? You Have Options Other Than Cheeseburgers

Ideally, it would be nice to avoid fast food altogether. This isn’t practical. At some point, you’ll have a tight schedule but still need something to eat.

The good news is that most fast food establishments have options other than cheeseburgers. Many places offer salads, fruit, baked potatoes, yogurt, and other healthy choices!

Explore your menu options before you place your order. You’ll be surprised at just how much is available to you!

2.) Look Up Nutritional Information Online in Advance

One of the perils of eating out is that a lot of things that look healthy actually aren’t. Many restaurants do terrible things to their food that puts them into calorie overload.

The good news is that most chains have nutritional information available online. Take some time to explore the websites of places you eat at frequently. Have a few items selected in advance that you know will taste good and be healthy.

3.) Consider Packing Your Own Food

Yes, this requires preparation and isn’t a good fit for every trip. Some snack foods like pretzels are healthy, hearty, and easy to travel with. Other foods like apple’s and bananas travel well if you toss them in a cooler bag.

You should also consider packing your own beverages. Consider things like unsweetened teas. They’re healthy, refreshing, and travel well. Best of all you’ll save money by packing them instead of buying them at a gas station!

4.) Eat Regularly to Avoid Overeating

This is a big one. During longer road trips it’s easy to go long stretches without eating. Nobody likes long drives. You just want to get to your destination and move on with your day!

That means you probably skipped a couple of meals in the process. By the time you sit down to eat you’re absolutely starving! You’ll most likely overeat and take in a lot more calories than you should.

The best way to prevent this is by eating regularly. If you don’t think you’ll have time to pull off regularly, consider packing the healthy snacks I just mentioned!

5.) Go for Real Meals and Not Gas Station Junk Food

Gas stations are quick, easy, and convenient. They’re filled to the brim with junk food for road-weary travelers like yourself! It’s way too easy to grab a candy bar while you’re paying for your gas.

Combat this by leaving enough time in your schedule to stop and get real meals in advance. The extra travel time will pay off in the long run! Your body will thank you for taking care of it.

What Would You Add?

Those are my five tips based on experience. What would you add to this list? What have you done to stay healthy while traveling?