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Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling



Are you keeping healthy while traveling abroad? It is easy to fall victim to lame travel excuses when you decide to hit the road. Fast food options are everywhere, you are short on time and you need a convenient meal to hold you over. Maybe you are waiting for a connecting flight at the airport, or you only have a few minutes to venture outside of your hotel, to grab a bite to eat. In any case, you must not give in to the temptation to make quick and easy, but unhealthy, food choices. The fatty, sugary foods that seem like the perfect choice for a busy traveler soon add inches to your belly. As you eat these foods on a consistent basis you are likely to encounter health problems, which can greatly hamper any future travel plans. Keep a few key ideas in mind when you are traveling, in order to remain healthy.

Stop Taking the Darn Taxis

I am currently traveling through Southeast Asia with my boyfriend and I must admit, we have been very disciplined as far as walking to and from locations instead of taking tuk-tuks, or taxis. It is OK to pamper yourself if you are traveling for two days, or maybe four, so go ahead and take the taxi. If however, you are traveling for five days, or longer, stop taking the taxi and start moving your behind, walking instead of being driven to the restaurant, or shopping center. Many overweight people simply believe that each time they hit the road they are entitled to taking a taxi for all local excursions, but this line of thinking is an impediment to your health and well-being.

Each time you deprive yourself of a walking workout, you miss an opportunity to burn calories, which would keep you fit and healthy. Stop taking the taxi. Start walking. Even if the shopping district of your town is an hour-long walk, and you feel that taking a taxi is a necessity, get off your duff and simply take a 45-minute brisk walk each day, for exercise. Do not fall into the terrible habit of using transportation to get everywhere on your travels, or else you will gain weight and a litany of health problems if you are a frequent traveler.

Shop for Your Food or Find a High-Energy Alternative

We rent only apartments with kitchens, so we can shop for fruits and veggies, and prepare at least one meal a day at home. Now, if you are doing the hotel thing, it might be difficult to find a location that offers you a kitchen, so you need to choose a healthy restaurant to keep your diet in top form. You will have no issues finding healthy alternatives in most travel hot spots these days. Vegetarian restaurants dot many cities and you will never have to go too far to find fresh produce on the street at many locations throughout the world.

Cut out fast food, or if you do travel for extended periods, consume fast food once every couple of weeks, if you want to remain healthy. Focus instead of making smart choices, eating out at restaurants where you can consume salads, wholesome dishes rich with veggies and fresh fruits, too. You can be healthy, and still enjoy your food selections, as many dining spots offer you high energy, tasty alternatives to traditional higher-calorie fare. Be disciplined. Your health is worth it.

Use these tips to remain healthy while traveling today.