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What Are Baby Yeast Infections And How Can They Be Avoided?



Most women can tell you about feminine yeast infections, but what about those that occur on a baby? The truth is yeast infection can occur in any warm, wet environment, such as a wet diaper. Understanding why these infections occur and how to prevent them can make caring for your baby much easier. The following will explain everything you need to know about baby yeast infections and how to avoid them.

What Are Baby Yeast Infections?

A baby yeast infection is a result of yeast thriving in a moist area. It may be the mouth, bowel, skin, or genitals. This is often referred to as candida. In the case of babies, most yeast infections are a result of a diaper rash going untreated. To determine if it is indeed a yeast infection that is plaguing your baby, look closely at the rash.

A yeast infection will be a well-developed rash that is a deep red, with raised edges, and smaller lesions around the main area. A yeast infection will also last longer than 2 days, unlike a diaper rash.

How to Prevent Them

If your child is put on antibiotics, or you are and you’re breastfeeding, probiotics may be needed to counteract the killing of the good bacteria that normally keep yeast in check. It’s also important to keep your child dry.

Always change diapers as soon as possible and clean their bottom thoroughly, especially after bowel movements. Also, make sure that diapers are loose enough to allow air circulation. Lastly, don’t be afraid for your baby to go bare from time to time. Letting your child play on a rubber sheet bare-bottomed will give the bottom time to air out.


Diaper creams do not treat yeast infections. There are a number of over-the-counter yeast infection ointments, but you must follow the directions on the package exactly. The infection should clear up within a few days. If the infection doesn’t start to clear, a prescription medication may be necessary.

Getting rid of yeast infection symptoms isn’t just a problem that women deal with. Because everyone has an abundance of yeast in the body, anyone can experience a yeast infection when there aren’t enough good bacteria in the body to keep the yeast under control. Keeping your baby’s genitals dry and clean is essential for preventing yeast infections. Of course, a bit of air is also important. You want to make sure not to choose diapers that are too tight and always give his bottom a bit of naked time to help air it out. Practice good hygiene and your baby should stay dry and clean, preventing uncomfortable yeast infections.