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Hope In A Jar Or A Cosmetic Dermatologist To Conquer Aging



She put some baking soda under eyes the result is wonderful

Cosmetic Dermatologist

Together, we spend billions of dollars every year until faced with the conclusion that only a cosmetic dermatologist can bring about the results we seek. Most of the money we spend is wasted because hope in a jar doesn’t work.

Competitive marketing has created an array of anti-aging creams to keep us holding on to faith, all the while our looks slowly fade. We have this huge marketplace that tells us creams, lotions, and gels will work, and we’re the guinea pigs. Sure, there are DIY routines that can help slow our aging process down, but like it or not, your skin is aging as you read this.

What Ages Us?

There are two major components that are vital to the layers of the skin: collagen and elastin. Over time collagen and elastin are destroyed by free radicals, sun exposure, and other environmental elements. Most of our aging takes place due to all the elements within the dermis of the skin that diminish.

As we age, fibers are broken and lose their ability to hold elasticity. The loss of elasticity allows our skin to sag and wrinkle. Our challenge as we age is finding a way to increase collagen production to support elasticity.

Literally Stopping Time

A cosmetic dermatologist can actually stop time or help you turn the hands backward with three approaches;

1. Thermage Treatments; Thermage is a non-invasive and non-surgical method of tightening the skin. A cosmetic dermatologist uses radiofrequency energy to heat the collagen within the skin’s layers, thus increasing new collagen production. This procedure tightens the skin by almost 40 percent.

Of course, as with many other non-surgical rejuvenation methods, Thermage requires several treatments, but improvements are rapid. Everything from crow’s feet and frown lines to deep-set wrinkles and loose skin on the neck can be improved with thermage treatments.

2. Retin-A and Hydroquinone: This is a prescription drug that can be mixed with bleaching cream to stimulate collagen production, and enhance the removal of pigment or brown spots. They come in different strengths, penetrate deep within the dermis layers to improve the texture, and complexion while improving the overall look of the skin.

3. Laser [LED] Therapy; A LED device uses infrared light to remove pigment, broken blood vessels, and increase collagen production. The benefit is recovery time is minimal, you see improvement quicker and it’s non-invasive – no cutting, no blood, and no bandages.

These lasers create subtle changes with high-energy light beams. A featured characteristic of LED therapy is that they produce powerful lights that only destroy specific targets. Therefore, that small freckle that you want to be removed can easily be targeted without damaging any surrounding skin tissue. This type of therapy also helps plump and tighten the skin while targeting wrinkles.

A New Regimen

To compliment any procedures a cosmetic dermatologist performs you should always invest in lifestyle changes.

1) Avoid excessive sun exposure; you should always wear sunblock, sunglasses, and a hat when exposed to direct sun.

2) Do not smoke

3) Avoid excessive alcohol consumption

4) Start an exercise regimen that includes resistance training

5) Work on stress management

Unfortunately, aging is a process that begins early in life, and without that magical fountain of youth, a cosmetic dermatologist may be the number one element that conquers aging.