5 Stressors That Can Be Alleviated By Chiropractic Techniques


Stress has many roots, including job dissatisfaction, excessive work load, family related problems, so on and so forth. Naturally, these problems cannot be resolved by a chiropractor – unless of course he doubles as marriage counselor/life coach – and the key to stress relief consists of resolving the conflicts.

However, there are several other factors that determine or emphasize the amount of stress that an individual experiences in every day, which can be addressed with the assistance of the chiropractics in conjunction with adopting a healthier lifestyle. It is necessary to point out that traditional medicine also has its very own treatment methods, but unfortunately most of them come with unpleasant side effects. Let’s elaborate.

  • Diverse chronic painful sensations

Painful sensations constitute the organisms’ methods of alerting you of a problem, irrespective of whether it is related to a trauma, internal organ issues, a dislocated joint, etc. The approach of the “modern society” in dealing with pain comprises of taking analgesics in hope that the intensity will diminish or that the unpleasant sensation will disappear completely.

True, pain represents an important stress factor because it prevents you from working or engaging in your favorite activities, but treating the effect rather than the root of the problem is an erroneous approach. Moreover, in time the body starts to develop a tolerance for the compounds of the chemically synthesized painkillers, making them increasingly ineffective.

  • Experiencing a constant state of fatigue

Regularly feeling exhausted or unmotivated may be one of the symptoms of a more severe condition, either on the psychological level or the physical level. Chronic fatigue is also a frequent reaction to improper diets, medication or excessive intake of substances like alcohol or tobacco. What is even worse is that the state will not disappear on its own unless you take the step of finding and eliminating its source. Getting back the lost energy with the help of chiropractors and the newest addition to the arsenal – the PEMF machinery – is entirely possible.

  • Sleep pattern perturbation


A deregulated sleep pattern constitutes one of the primary causes for constant daytime fatigue. There is a wide range of factors that can make it impossible to get the necessary shuteye during the night, including specific nighttime painful sensations, apnea, insomnia or simply indulging in too much sleep during the daytime.

Again, the chiropractic techniques can help you address these causes in order to get back in control of your sleep patterns and get that well deserved night rest. In addition, chiropractors advise staying away from sleeping pills because these “remedies” forcefully induce sleep from which you won’t really wake up well rested. Lastly, try to avoid alcohol and caffeine a few hours before bedtime.

  • Allergic reactions and sinus-related conditions

Allergic reactions/sinus conditions are basically overreactions of the immune system which has a “symbiotic” relationship with stress. To put it simply, when you feel stressed, the immune system has a tendency to go haywire and you are a lot more prone to experience an allergic reaction which in turn, will cause a lot of stress.

Traditional medicine provides drugs that deal almost exclusively with the symptoms by employing the antihistamines for drying out the histamines. The only problem is that the relief is only temporary and it’s maintained as long as the symptoms are kept in check. Since chiropractics can help your nervous system’s functionality, the immune system gains a powerful ally that can regulate its reactions and the histamine levels better.

  • Mood swings and exaggerated reactions

Mood swings can be defined by radically different reactions that occur over the course of a short period, irrespective of the stimuli. In other words, one minute you are happily carrying a conversation with your office colleagues and the very next you are shouting and throwing your coffee mug at them. Well, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but you get the picture.

Well, the inability to stay in control of your reactions influences your stress levels and vice versa. Like in the case of the aforementioned conditions, you COULD try to enlist the help of prescription medication, but the only thing you will achieve is suppress the external manifestation of mood swings while tension keeps accumulating on the inside. A chiropractor could help you determine whether the condition is related to a physical problem, a chemical unbalance, your diet, and etc.

I’m Jayden and I have recently started writing about the innovative use of the PEMF machines from iMRS2000.com in conjunction with other chiropractic therapies.


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